Mehdi Hassan- Shajahn-e-Ghazal (King of Ghazal)

Mehdi Hassan is like a jewel in the Pakistan music industry he is also named “king of Ghazal” or “Shajahan-e-ghazal” because he was a Pakistani singer of Ghazals and was a benchmark in ghazal singing. He was born in a traditional musician family on 18th July 1927, in Rajhistan, in India. Ustad Azeem Khan his father and Ustad Ismail Khan his uncle are two most renowned names in classical music. He got his early education from both of them, he start singing at the age of eight. After moving to Pakistan Mehdi Hassan tried his luck in some other professions but when he got recognition as singer then he step forward and adopt singing as a career. Before entering in the Pakistan film industry as singer he sung lots of ghazals on Pakistan radio. The first movie in which his voice lent was “Shikar” and gains much appreciation. After that he sung in Ghoonghat, Dosheeza and Kunnwari bewa. But what shot him to fame is a Ghazal from film “farangi” “Gulon main rang bhare” originally this ghazal had been sung on Radio but later it was made a part of movie.

Mehdi Hassan name has been lent in above 300 movies and according to an estimate he sung above 5,000 songs which include dadra, thumri, ghazal and film number. Some of his most appreciated films are “jab jab phool khely, dard, insaaf aur qanoon, aaina, daman aur chingari, and bharosa. The very last hit of Mehdi Hassan was from film “Dahleez” “Aaj tu ghiar sahi”. He was awarded with “Hilala-e-Imtiaz” and pride of performance “Tamgha-e-imtiaz” from Pakistan Government and honored with an award by Nepal Government titled as “Gorakha Dakshina Bahu”.

1970’s was the peak period of Medhi Hassan but after the downfall of Pakistan film industry in 1980’s he was ignored by the industry so, in that period he was just singing for private functions. His ghazals are famous because he adds a touch of folk singing of Rajhistani, the blend of lyrical and melody content makes his ghazals more appealing and attractive. He ruled the industry of Pakistan with his enchanting singing and ghazal gayeki, still people like to listen to his ghazals and appreciate him. But the last years of his life he spends to fight against health issues.  After serving great years of his life to Pakistan singing industry Mahdi Hassan diet at the age of 85 on 13th June 2012. Many famous and well known Indian singers like Lata Mangeshkar pay condolence on his death. His health start downing in 2001, since then he was facing different health issues and at last could not fight more against them and lost his life.

As a singer his skill has no match, he also sang a song with Indian most renowned singer Lata Mangeshkar “tera milna” that was released in 20120. Even though he has been departed from the world but still he is alive in the hearts of all Pakistanis and still we hear his ghazals everywhere.

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