Melody Queen Madam Noor Jahan

Allah Wasai known as Madam Noor Jahan across the globe born on 21st September 1926 at Kot Murad Khan. She served Pakistan Music and film industry for about 7 decades. She got fame as the most influential and greatest singer of her times and was awarded with the title of Melody Queen or Malika-e- Taranum.  She holds an outstanding record of singing 10,000 of songs in various languages of Pakistan and India including Sindhi, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu languages. She owe the honor of the first Pakistani female film director.

At very early stage she emerged as a shining singer in subcontinent and at the age of 9 she recorded her very first playback song for a movie and act in lead role in the same movie. Though, she was a singer but, acting was her passion. It was a Calcutta based direction and production and serve as the foundation stone of her unchallenged, unparalleled and stupendous reign of seven decades. She covered a marvelous journey from baby Noor Jahan to world renowned Madam Noor Jahan.

She got married to Rizvi and made her way abroad which open new and wider horizons of success and popularity. Meanwhile she was casted for Anmol Ghari (1946) where she got a chance to work with leading Indian composer Naushad. She was also paired with Dilip Kumar in a movie in 1947 and her movies ruled the box office for a long time. This teen aged girl had some magic and she mesmerized the Bollywood with her singing and acting. But, at the same time she was enjoying a prosperous and bright future in Pakistan. During her reign Pakistan entertainment industry was in its infancy but, she did justice with her talent she went through legendary period of glory and success. Despite of all these handicaps she got recognition as the first female director, a reputable and successful singer and actor.

After 10 years, her marriage floundered and she has three children at that time. She gets agreed for a 2nd marriage with an actor Eijaz which unfortunately ended in similar way after giving birth to 3 more children.  She faced several ups and downs in her life but, it never affects her career ever. Her voice groomed under the guidance of famous Indian singer Kajjan Bai of 20s and 30s. She work hard and enriched her voice by regular riiyaz of above 12 hours every day and it awarded her with heights of success as a singer and every next film gathered her luster and popularity.

She performed everywhere in the world and was awarded with several national and international awards. Government has bestowed her with “pride of Performance award” as well. Unfortunately illness and age took hold of the legendry singer few years back but, her place in the hearts of her fan remained intact. News of her death really shocked the people and her family receives condolence from popular figures all across the world. Her singing, her contribution to Pakistan music and film industry will keep her live for years to come.

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