Nazia Hassan- Pride of Pakistan

Nazia Hassan the first Asian Pop Singer of the subcontinent. She started her career in 1980 with the song “app Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mn aye” recorded for an Indian movie named Qurbani. This was the beginning of a bright and marvelous singing career. She was just 15 at that time; interestingly she entered the entertainment industry accidently. She met Feroz khan in United Kingdom at a party where he requested her to visit Biddu. Biddu was UK based Indian music composer, he signed her for the film Qurbani’s song “App Jaisa Koi” and this was a superb success. This song not only thrilled Indian music industry in fact become recognition for the youngest iconic Pakistani pop singer and she got overnight success. For this song Nazia Hassan was awarded with famous FilmFare Award for best playback female singer.

After App Jiasa Koi she released her first album Disco Deewane and she was the first playback singer releasing an album. Her album work wonder and broke all previous records in India and Pakistan. In fact, her album topped the charts in Russia, Latin America and West Indies. This was her mega hit and she owned recognition as the renowned and established pop singer across the globe. Album had some vocals by her singer brother Zohaib Hassan.

Brother Zohaib and sister Nazia were offered a lead role by Biddu but, they refused him and opt singing. After that there was a continuous release of albums by Nazia Hassan and zohaib Hassan. Together they released Boom Boom in 1982 and the title track was used in movie Star. Though, movie wasn’t a big hit but, become a source of increasing popularity for the emerging singers in India and Pakistan. In 1984 she released her 3rd album and introduced music videos in Pakistan for the very first time.  The album was a blast and was recorded with 40million sold copies. After it she made her way to Bollywood as playback singer.

Nazia and Zohaib were gifted with natural talent they not just sung songs in fact, they host “Music89” a ground breaking show. It was the first pop music show ever to be telecasted on television. This show was a platform for several talented Pakistani singers and they started their career afterwards.

In 1992 Nazia decided to left singing and focus on her personal life. She born in Karachi and was the daughter of famous businessman and socialist Mr. Basir Hassan and have 2 siblings a brother Zohaib and sister Zahra. She got married with Mirza Ishtiaq Baig in 1995 and had a son Arez. Unfortunately, she got divorced in 2000 exactly 10 days before death. She died because of lung cancer in 2000 at London. Apart from music she offered her services for UNICEF and Department Of Political And Security Council Affairs for about 2 years. Because of her academic and social excellence she was offered with a scholarship at Columbia University but, she couldn’t avail the opportunity as was diagnosed with cancer at that time.

No Doubt, Nazia Hassan is the pride of Pakistan and will rule hearts forever.

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