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Pakistan has a rich music culture. I at times feel as if there is a kind of music in the air of our country. History of Pakistani music is full of big names like Mehdi Hassan and Ustaad Nusrat Fateih Ali Khan. Our singers are not only famous within the continent but they have gained worldwide popularity. It is very difficult to prepare a list of 10 ever best male singers. As all got stunning, melodious voices. All sung very well and all have reigned over the hearts of their fans. A survey was conducted to know how people categorize their favorite singers. As a result I got the following list.

Top Pakistani Male Singers:

Top Pakistani Male Singer 1: Mehdi Hassan

Mehdi Hassan is not a new name for the ghazal lovers. He was one of his kinds. Who reigned over the world of music. He not only gained popularity inPakistanbut all over the world there was a mingling of pathos and mystery in  all of his songs. Mehdi Hasaan sung almost 50,000 ghazals. His unique voice was his peculiarity.  H e has gained the legendary position. Although he died at the age of 84 but we feel as if this chapter of history will never close. He will rule over our hearts today and always. ko ba ko phail gyee, runjish hi sahee,mujhy tum nzr sy, are some of the unforgettable ghazals of mehdi Hassan.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 2: Alamgir

Alamgir is popularly known as ‘Elvis of East, is another legendry singer of Pakistan. He is considered as the pioneer of urdu pop music of the country. .he made a dash on the Pakistani music scene. He was also awarded pride of performance by the president ofPakistan. We can never forget the beautiful song ‘mein ny tumharee gagr sy’. alamgir sung it very beautiful and gave it an eternal life.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 3: Sajjad Ali

Sajaad Ali is a semi classical pop singer, actor and film director of Pakistan. There is kind of magic in his voice. All of his songs gained popularity. Especially, baibya and mera bulbul so rha hy were matchless. Charisma of his voice and an attractive personality has made him a complete package for his fans.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 4: Ahmad Rushdi

Ahmad Rushdi, a darling singer of all timesHe was a versatile Pakistani play back singer. His contribution in film music is unforgettable. He was best known for his intense expressions and powerful, melodious voice. He had the knack of singing the toughest songs with natural ease. hip hip hurray, koko korina and ik urn khatola, are some of his best songs.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 5: Akhlaq Ahmad

He was another famous Pakistani playback singer. Although he failed to get that much of popularity as he deserved but still he was considered as one of the best singers of 70’s and 80’s. sawan ayey sawan jyey is one of his popular songs.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 6: Junaid Jamshaid

Who do no know this name? he gained a lot of popularity as a front man singer of the famous group vital signs. His first number was dil dilPakistan. That took him to the pinnacle of fame. Although he quit singing now but still people love listening his old songs.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 7: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

A legendary singer, who started his career as a qwal.than he sung film songs also.. He not only sung for Lollywood but forHollywoodand Bollywood too. Melody was in his blood. Whatever he sung, he justified it. Mast klander, saya bhi sath, loey loey aa ja are some of his bombastic hits.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 8: Waris Beig

Waris baig gained popularity as a film singer. His contributions in the field of Pakistani films are unavoidable. He is a versatile singer. People love to listen to his songs again and again.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 9: Ustaad Amanat Ali Khan

History of music has never seen such a singer before. He was a born singer. His nasalized and rhythmical voice was the reason of his fame. apni jaan nazr krun is the master piece of Ustaad Amant Ali.. He was the real ustad and a legendry singer.

Top Pakistani Male Singer 10: Atif Aslam

He came, he saw and he conquered. Atif aslam is famous Pakistani pop singer. There is a kind of uniqueness in his voice. His fans are not only fromPakistanbut across the border also. All of his songs are loveable. The charm of his personality and the melody of his voice have made him the heart throb of his fans.

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