Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan- King Of Qawaali And Sufi Music

Pakistani music ground no doubt, has been spreading and expanding with each passing day because of the addition of talented and exciting singers. Not the new faces has revolutionized the singing ground in fact, old legendary singers with their talent, passion and robustness led the foundation and boost the singing scene. These glorious and talented Pakistani singers are not just famous within the national boundaries but, also touched international boundaries with their natural talent and singing abilities.

Pakistani music is incomplete without mentioning the renowned name of Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It is not wrong to say he was the first Pakistani singer who got fame on international platform and sung nationwide. He was the king of qawaali and classical music and he is still ruling the hearts with his touchy melodious voice. According to Guinness Books of world record he holds the record for highest number of qawaali’s i.e. 125 albums till 2001.

Mr. Khan was born in Faisalabad on 13 October 1948. Primarily, he was qawaali singer and devotional music of Sufism. He got talent in his genes and extended about 600 old qawaali traditions to an international platform with a perfect blend of sufi music. Mr. Khan performed on stage at the age of 16 at his father’s chehlum. He travelled to 40 countries and performed on several stages internationally and won millions of hearts with his throbbing and stunning voice. The top classical singer got married in 1979 with his first cousin naming Naheed. She was the daughter of Salamat Ali Khan and they were blessed with a daughter Nida.

Though, Qawaal occupation was considered low status in society but he had a strong aptitude toward this profession and he started learning Rag, Tabla and Bol Bangash.  Officially he performed for the first time on famous radio program named as “Jashn-e-Baharaan”. Mr. Khan first major hit was “HAQ ALI ALI” and soon he covered the ladders of success and was sponsored for regular concert tours to different countries. In 1992 he was invited as the visiting artist to the University of Washington.

Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali khan work was recognized on both national and international levels. He was awarded in 1987 with “President Of Pakistan Award”. In 1996 he was awarded with “Legend Award and Grand Prix Americus Award” in UK Asian Music Awards. He also secured an honorable position in the CNN list for 20 most iconic musicians in last 50 years. In his 25 years of stupendous career he was awarded with many honorary titles. After performing in the classical music event in Lahore he was honored with title of “USTAAD”. About 5 documentaries have been made on his career in various regions.

Unfortunately, the legendary vocalist Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan passed away at the age of only 48. However, his songs are still alive in the hearts of his fans and youngsters and he was successful to define the art of Qawaali perfectly for the coming generations.  He enjoyed fans from every nook of the world but Indian’s and Pakistani’s are his diehard fans and he sung several songs for Lollywood and Bollywood music albums and movies.

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