Custom Dress Shirts For Every Occasion

Custom dress shirts are not just for formal black tie tuxedo events, nor are they limited to dark suits and corporate executives. A dress shirt can be a class look for every occasion even casual dress. It just takes the right colors, styles and a little imagination to look your best in a custom shirt.

White Custom Dress Shirts
These are your traditional dress shirt and if you add some pleating a lot of starch, French cuffs and you have a custom shirt fit for a tuxedo or any formal occasion. It is hard to go wrong with a white custom shirt. For corporate wear, French cuffs may not be necessary and though white and blue are standard, colors are certainly allowed these days and though French cuffs are not necessary in the corporate culture, button down collars on shirts for business wear should be avoided.

Colored Custom Shirts Casual Class
Even corporate culture is relaxing enough to allow quiet colors into the dress shirt scene and a relaxed look with a colored custom dress-shirt (no tie) and a button down collar can be elegant and yet strictly casual. Even short-sleeved dress-shirts are making a splash these days with button down collars and unconstrained by traditional color choices.

So why all this fuss over which shirt and what colors to wear or what to avoid? Simply put, because if clothes make the man, a custom dress shirt makes the entire suit. Why have an expensive dark suit or well cut pair of pants when your shirt billows out and though the sleeves and neck fit, the shirt itself could be a tent or slides upward? That is the unfortunate circumstance of the man who does not have the “average” body type as designated by designers. That means if you are smaller, larger, longer armed or slender waisted or any combination thereof, shirts do not fit you.

A shirt that almost fits is useless when appearance matters, and no matter how well cut the rest of your outfit is the shirt can make it or break it. So, whether you wear white shirts with traditional wide collars or colored shirts with discrete stripes and a small pocket or you prefer to go the whole route and choose a white dress shirt with cut away color, plenty of starch and French cuffs, how it fits matters.

When ordering custom dress-shirts online choose your material first, Egyptian cotton or Italian, easy iron or traditional. Then select a pattern or none and a color or stay with a light blue or white (they are usually safe for any use). Select your collar style, your choice of pocket or none, and your cuff style or perhaps choose a short sleeve shirt (good looking casual). Measurements for custom dress shirts are individualized as well as the fit of the shirt.

When you have finished with every detail, you will have created a unique custom shirt meant for no one else.

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