Different Types of Shoes and Slippers that Are All You Need

An outfit is never complete without the right shoes in fact shoes are the most important part of your outfit. You don’t want to be dressed perfectly on the top but wear the wrong shoes at the bottom. Your feet deserve to look their best and they need to go with your dress. Whereas the slippers are the only comfort that you need as the foot ware while resting at home.  Slippers are usually made with very soft and light -weight materials. Nowadays fabricated and crochet made slippers are quite in in fashion. There are various attractive styles in slippers designs.

Here are some trendy shoes and cozy slippers ideas which are all you need to look complete.

  • Long boots make a statement. They say you’re fierce and they make you look cool. If your closet is lacking these boots, your closet is incomplete. So treat yourself and buy long boots which can go along with pants, skirts and dresses.
  • Basic black, white or brown pumps literally go with any dress. So if you don’t want to waste too much time deciding what shoes to wear, these basic pumps are your first go-to.
  • Who can function without a pair of sneakers? They are your workout buddies and your favorite feel casual and comfortable partners. They are just the right kind of cute shoes you are looking for. The best part is that they not only go with pants and tights but they look equally beautiful with skirts as well.
  • If you want to look stylish and tall without suffering through the discomfort of pencil heels, wedge heels are what you need. They are fancy, fashionable and easy to wear. So if you’re just not feeling like wearing stilettos, wedge heels are your savior.
  • Ballet flats should be your best friends since they are so comfy but look sophisticated at the same time.

Slippers Designs: 

  • Carrie;

Super soft form of slippers and after wearing them you will feel so comfortable and soft to walk around.

  • Flora;

A very pretty pair of slippers made with floral colors. Soft and cozy to wear and are made with certain flower design.

  • Isabell;

These crochet slippers resemble much like ballerina style. More than one color are usually used in designing these slippers.

  • Ariana;

It is a very soft and tender slipper with maximum amount of stretch. These crochet slippers are very easy to make and it takes only two hours to complete them and with very less effort one can design this crochet slipper for personal use. You may add crochet flowers embellishments or bows to give more beauty to your shoes.

Besides the above mentioned a wide range of shoes and slippers are still here awaiting in the choice list that one may love to wear. Before making a buying decision, we will recommend that durability and comfort should be given first priority instead of only going for a stylish design. As sometimes very fascinating shoes are very hard to wear and brings no comfort to the feet. So, making a wise choice is a must before buying the shoes.

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