Funky Wide Leg Trousers for Everyone

Cigarette trousers are a modernized look of ordinary straight trousers for women. When these trousers are given sharp cuts and are stitched with broader fittings they get the style of cigarette trousers for womenThese trousers are one of the most popular fashion nowadays not only in west but in eastern ladies as well. Girls and even old age women love to wear these cigarette trousers with every kind of top, kurta or shirt they wear. With long length shirts these trousers are the perfect styling.

 A wide range of variety is available in the materials through which these trousers are designed. Some of them are as under,

Materials used for Cigarette Trousers:

  • Woolen stuff
  • Pure cotton
  • lawn
  • Denim
  • Knitted winter material
  • Crepe
  • Khakis
  • Camel woven
  • Crop woven

Besides the materials in which these trousers are made, there is a large variety of styles available in these trousers.

Trendy Styles of Cigarette Trousers:

Some of the popular trouser styles are as under,

  • Premium peg trouser
  • Cross front trouser
  • Khaki high waist trouser
  • Crop Woven tapered trouser
  • Front pockets or 6 pocket style
  • Side buttoned trouser
  • Front zipper style


High Waist Tapered Trousers:

The main feature of this style of trouser is its tapered leg design. These simple trousers are quite comfy and easy to wear and can be worn the whole day through. If they are worn with stylish tops and high heels, they look the most-trendy design to wear for the women. It goes perfect with almost every kind of dress. Sometimes these trousers are worn with contrasting colors from the top whereas simple white cotton cigarette trousers are used commonly with any color of dress worn.

Stone Wrap Wide Leg Trousers:

These are designed with fashionable front wrap style and exhibit the clear body shape. The cuts and fittings of these trouser require an experienced toiler’s hands. These cigarette trousers are made in mixed fibered fabric that can be easily washed through machines. These stylish trousers are available in a wide range of colors matching everybody’s mood and likings.


Cigarette Trousers with Side Cut:

To give these cigarette trousers a more chic look, they are given a side cut near ankle side. This cut is supported with three to four buttons which enhance the glamour of this trouser. The side slit opening make these trousers easy to wear and women of all age appreciate the usage of cigarette trousers as a replacement of shalwar.

When cigarette trousers were initially introduced by the fashion industry, it was thought that they impart a quite modernized look so these will not be much appreciated by the middle class society. But passage of time has shown that not only the mod families like and followed this fashion but also ladies from mediocre society started following it gradually. No matter from which background you belong these trousers have become an integral part of your fashionable dressing.

Besides plain cigarette trousers printed trousers are also liked by the majority of women. Similarly block printed trousers are also wore with almost all kind of shirts or tops.

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