Long Boots: Give Yourself a New Look

Cool weather is here and it’s time to bring out the winter clothes, but you’re bored with the same old wardrobe. You need something fresh, something to give you a new look with an added style. Is it a new sweater? Pants, shoes? The best way to dress up winter apparel is Long Boots. For all the ladies who love dressing up in western wear love long boots, because they can enhance their look with them. Long boots add class to the overall personality and thus gives a trendy outlook to the one wearing them.  They come in a variety of colors to match any outfit, and can be worn with casual or formal dresses.

There are three different styles of long boots, there is the knee high, over the knee, and the thigh high. No matter which one you choose, you can find a boot that will add flare to any attire. Another thing long boots can do is make you look taller and the illusion of having longer legs. This comes in handy if you are petite in height. This can be done, but only if you wear the same color or color tone throughout your entire outfit, otherwise it can give you a chopped appearance. An example is, if you wear brown boots with a black outfit, it creates the appearance that your legs end at the top of the boots. When you wear the same color, you have a long line which in turn gives an elongated look. So for short height ladies who wish to make themselves look taller should take care of this important tip. By following the above mentioned tip they can achieve a taller look which can make them look a lot prettier and elegant and trendy of course. The good thing about long boots is that they are highly in demand during winters and not only help to maintain fashionable look but also can keep your feet and leg warm in the extreme cold days. Asian countries do face extremely chilly days during peak season so style lovers can opt for them to keep up with their style statement yet saving themselves from extremely cold weather.

Knee high boots go great with skinny jeans. These jeans are already tapered and are easily worn inside long boots. This also allows you to show off the boots and their accents, such as buckles, chains, rhinestones or special zippers. If you choose to wear another style of jeans, just tuck them into your boots, but be sure to wear a belt so the jeans won’t bunch up at your knees, especially if you are going for a longer leg look.

Thigh high boots are another type of long boots. These boots are fun and sexy to wear. If you want to wear thigh high boots, wear them with a micro mini skirt and leggings. This wills again make you appear to be taller and your legs longer. So this winter when you are trying to find something to freshen up your winter wardrobe think about the many possibilities you can have with Long boots.

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