Revival of 80’s and 90’s Fashion Trends – History Repeats Itself So Are The Fashion Trends

Everything that is liked by majority of people in a certain part of the world becomes fashion or the latest trend of that particular time. In Asia and particularly in Pakistan and India, fashion industries have revolutionized and majority of the people especially living in urban areas of these countries follow majority of the fashion trends.

No matter to which class of the society they belong, fashion fanatics do try to follow most of the latest trends. Talking about latest fashion trends in Pakistani fashion industry, in the recent times or rather to be precise, a revival of fashion trends of 80’s and 90’s have been observed in the recent past.

Talking about 1980’s, during those days women used to wear loose shirts and tight and fitted trousers. Same is the case these days. You can see lots of women wearing shirts and sweaters with padded shoulders to give a broad masculine touch. The broader the shoulder the better it was and so you can observe ladies wearing such shirts these days not only as casual wear but also in formal wear too. Similarly again these days, you see patiyala shalwar and choori daar pajamas same as that they were in fashion in late 1980’s. Sunglasses features aviator style and in jewelry such as bangles and dangling earrings were in vogue and so are these days.

Ladies loved to have hair with layers and steps and so are today. In shoes, pointy, toed stilettos were in and you can find same even today.

In Makeup trends, Eccentric and bright make made a comeback and shades like green shocking pink or purple were loved and heavy eye liners were used so are today.

In 90’s it was wearing anything at all. Anything that suits you, you can wear. In clothing shirts were longer and included panels and flares. Chiffon, laces, organza were so much popular and so are today. Culots made a comeback and so it is in nowadays.

For hair styles, once again bob cut is into fashion just like it was in 90’s and blond highlights were the fashion talk and it is still in fashion. In shoes section boat shoes were definite fashion highlight. Court shoes and heels were and still are favored like always.

In makeup, more of the metallic looks were in and brighter shades were out. Matte look from lipsticks to foundation were in. Lip glosses were out, but nowadays lip glosses are very much in.

So in any case most of the fashion trends in 1980’s and 1990’s are again into fashion these days. Even after so many years these trends if not all but most of them are seeping into fashion. It sounds a bit funny but still like in many other cases, history repeats itself.

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