Top 5 Shoes Types for Every Women’s Wardrobe

Women shoes are available in plenty of colors and designs and are as varied as a woman fashion taste can be. You can buy killer heals as well as a comfy pair of Ugg boots. Every woman urges to have a pair of shoe that is stylish yet comfortable. For men every kind of shoe style lies under a single category naming footwear. However, for women there are many categories. Interestingly, ladies have ample choice to select from and it is observed that all women have the need to have at least one pair of shoe from every category.

Mentioning all types of ladies shoes is not possible because it has so, many categories. However, a general review about the most common shoes types are articulated here.

  1. Flats: as the name indicates flat shoes remains on the ground. These shoes are considered as the most comfortable shoes and are used for casual wear mostly. One of the popular shoes from this category is ballet flats and it has the resemblance with the shoes of ballet dancers. These are the best option for ladies who dream to have a sophisticated yet sexy aura in her personality. These dainty shoes are the best choice to project your stylish individuality.
  2. Heels: it is available in a variety of styles like peep toes, sling backs and wedges. Generally, women have the notion that they look prettier in heels and are mainly used in formal occasions. No doubt, heel gives a sexier and toned look to your legs.
  3. Sandals: this category includes both casual and dressy designs that are mainly open. Flip flops are the most demanding option from this category and are perfect for casual as well as outdoor activities. On the other hand, dressy shoes are mainly used for formal events. Dressy shoes give a more dreamy touch to your overall dress.
  4. Boots: the winter boots like the Ugg are highly appreciated by the feminine beauty. These are available in an array of designs and styles which matches any type of wardrobe. These are mainly designed with sheepskin, fabric or leather. So, it serves as the ideal option for winter season irrespective of the dress code.
  5. Sneakers: these are kind of casual shoes and are best for sport activities. But, these days it is extensively used by college and university girls. Moreover, it looks elegant with jeans and tops. These are designed with nylon, leather and the rubber and can be used in winter as well as summer season. It gives higher level of comfort and is handy as well.

No one can overlook the importance of stylish and elegant shoes in women’s life. Shoes and women are the inseparable entities because both are the important pillars of fashion and style.  This is the reason every lady loves shoes sometime, they love to spend more on shoes than other girlish accessories. A woman’s life and wardrobe is incomplete without having delicate and up to dated pairs of shoes for all seasons. Different occasion demands different footwear so, every lady should be ready to have a pair of shoe for every occasion.

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