Trendy Fascinator Hats for All

Hats are not only a part of outfit but they are still in fashion since decades and are considered as a part of fashion. Fashionable hats are designed in different styles and materials. Besides these making a crochet hat with different patterns is something of fun for the crochet lovers. There is a wide range of crochet hat and caps designs with a blend of colors.

Some of the examples of fascinator hatsare as under,

Cascade Yarn Fashion Hats:

This hat is made with a combination of two colors. This hat is famous for its snug fit because some elastic is also stitched with it to give it fixation. These fascinator hats are knitted in the round from the crown down in an easy double crochet stitch. Stripes of different color are added to give this hat a variety.

Funky Hat Style:

It is all time fashion funky hat. It has a little brim and fits in an oversized fashion. It is made with warm material and are a good source of keeping warm and cozy.

Stylish Hats:

Another form of fascinator hats include flower hat which is made with the help of any colored worsted weight yarn. This beautiful floral hat is worn by ladies with much interest in every kind of functions and are much liked with party dresses.

Cow-boy Hats:

This cow- boy style is much liked by the young boys and girls. They like to wear these kind of fascinator hats during all kind of hang outs. These hats look stunning with rough and tough jeans and t-shirts. Cow-boy hats give an adventurous appearance to the wearer.


It is all time fashion crochet hat. It has a unique styled hat made with an expert hand in designing crochet. It is made with H/8 or 5 mm hook and medium weight yarn is used in here. 16-20 stitches are taken up to 4 inches.


This kind of crochet hat is made with a chain, slip stitch with a single, double or half double crochet. A flower is added to make this hat more stylish. Material required to make this hat is 1 skein Burnet Super Saver and a 1 skein red heart super saver. A double crochet and chain 1 is used to make this hat.


This is another eye catchy style of fascinator hat for the ladies and youngsters. They are made with warm material and are available in a number of colors. These fascinator hats for ladies are the best part of outfit. These warm and cozy hats are made with different shapes like round style to the cowboy type. Some hats resemble more to a muffler hats as these are associated with long tails on both corners that can be wrapped around the neck like a muffler.

Besides all the above there are many more designs in the fascinator hats and crochet hats to match the mood and outfit of the wearer.

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