What Is Fashion And Who Dictate The Fashion Sense

It is not a hidden thing that the fashion sense in most part of the world comes from any outside source. It is television, sports figures, singers, fashion industry itself, movie stars and even family members the list goes on and on, for everyone fashion is something else. I think fashion is a comfortable wear but it is not always the case. Those who wear a 5 inch high heel is considered as a fashion but if someone thinks then nothing is more comfortable than pumps and a pair of sneakers. But people think wearing high heel is a fashion, people opt for tight, too short or too long dresses to look stylish.

It is a common thought that it is the society which dictate the fashion, society decides what look elegant and beautiful. This is the trigger force for the overall fashion and an individual style as well. Most of the women usually fail in adopting fashion and making her style. Because usually they just follow the style and fashion which they saw on television without noticing that what is in and what is outdated in their own country. What suits her personality and figure and what’s not so, here the role of a society, family and friends come to guide you what to wear and what not. Every place has its own styling sense, demands and requirements so, every girl and women must have to be conscious about the latest trends and fashion in her own area and society it will make her stylish and fashionable as well.

The fashion of a woman mostly consists of fabrics, swag, colors and attitude. Uncountable designers are there all over the world who are tantalizing fashion sense of the people every season with inspiring designs and vibrant colors. Their new and innovative creations and deigns help the ordinary people to be free and want whatever they want to be. This will give you a chance to explore your inner creative world and a best way to know your inner self. Through this styling sense you will give a chance to shine your inner self. So, it is clear from various researches that fashion always comes from within the person. Only a person by herself knows what suits her best and what not. You are the best judge to tell yourself what is fashion for you and for your life.

Fashion is something that follows by everyone and dictated by the society while an individual style is the one that is dictated by your inner self. Your unique style makes you an individual and stand you out among others and for you your style is the fashion, so, its not the society its you who dictate your individual fashion sense. Your fashion is the mirror reflection of your personality, what you are, how you feel and what is perfect for you. Fashion is of various types to depend on everyone perception and thoughts. It is better to say that fashion is the inner beauty of a person.

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