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Many of the Pakistani and Indian dishes are all time favorite and are enjoyed all over the world. Spicy food lovers are all over the globe and for them Pakistani and Indian recipes are hot favorites. In this short write up top 10 of Indian and Pakistani recipes are going to be discussed as follows.

Top 10 Pakistani Indian Recipes:

Top Recipe # 1. Qorma:

A blend of meat either chicken, mutton or beef with spices to make up this recipe is a tasty dish to enjoy. Usually it is considered as one of the main course dishes and is enjoyed by people of all ages. People who love desi food cannot deny this fact that qorma is simply a delicious dish to enjoy. Traditional food lovers love the unique taste of spices like cumin, cardamom, cinnamon and dry coriander. All these spices give a traditional and unique taste to meat and are simply mouth watering.

Top Recipe # 2 . Pulao/Biryani:

For rice lovers pulao and biryani are all time favorite. The unique taste of yakhni pulao and spicy biryani are simply matchless. For those who do not like spicy food enjoy the salty yakhni pulao added with traditional taste of whole spices like cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and cloves. In addition to that basil leaves and chicken or mutton stock makes a unique combination with rice.

Biryani is a spicy rice dish and is cooked in many parts of India and Pakistan. Many additional spices and chilies make this dish a hot favorite choice for spicy food lovers both in India and Pakistan and world over.

Top Recipe # 3. Nihari:

A recipe cooked since decades in both Pakistan and India, nihari is a delicious addition to gravy dishes. The unique recipe and cooking style makes it a totally different in taste recipe as that for other gravy recipes. A special meat part is cooked in this dish which gives a special and an individual taste.

Top Recipe # 4. Chappal Kabab:

If you have been to Pakistan and you have not tried Peshawari chappal kabab then you have missed a delicious dish. Chappal kabab is a combination of some vegetables, mince and some traditional spices all mixed together and are fried in meat fat and some oil. As they turn golden brown they are served hot with salad, raita(yogurt dip) and naan. The lovely aroma and exclusive taste of this kabab is simply out of this world.

Top Recipe # 5. Chicken Tikka Masala:

Grilled food items are hot favorites of most of the traditional food lovers. Unique combination of spices with yogurt, lemon juice and chicken make them a lovely combination. After marinating them for couple of hours they are cooked or rather grilled on coal and the smoke gives them a unique taste and this is the reason why they are enjoyed and loved by all.

Top Recipe # 6. Chicken/Mutton Handi:

Chicken or mutton handi is another famous dish. In both Pakistan and India and in many of the Asian countries this dish has been cooked and loved by majority of food lovers. Since this dish is cooked especially in handi so it has a delicious taste of handi. If you cook the same recipe in a wok or a pan you will not get that unique taste  as that of handi. So if you wish to enjoy the typical handi taste then cook it in handi.

Top Recipe # 7. Haleem:

A unique combination of pulses, meat and rice, haleem is one of the famous dishes in Pakistan and India. This dish is especially served at many of the traditional and religious occasions in India and Pakistan. The combination of pulses, beans, meat, rice and common spices used in most of the Pakistani and Indian dishes make it a combination of all. Serving haleem with fried onion, ginger slices, chilies and spices give it a complete look.

Top Recipe # 8. Chicken/Mutton Karahi:

An all time favorite stew style dish, chicken or mutton karahi is an integral part of menus at many occasions. This dish is simple, very few of the spices and other ingredients are included in this dish. So yet being simple this dish is very delicious and is enjoyed by majority of the meat lovers. For most of the parties, weddings and other celebrations this dish is an important part of the menus and is enjoyed all over.

Top Recipe # 9. Kofta Curry:

Another tempting dish that is enjoyed and cooked for decades, kofta curry has its history in the mughal era. Nargisi kofta curry is cooke by wrapping spicy mince over boiled eggs ad are dipped in rich and spicy curry giving it a mughlai touch. Another hot favorite of traditional dishes is kofta curry that is unique and tempting. This dish is served with naan or chapatti and it as yummy as it looks tempting and appealing to the eyes.

Top Recipe # 10. Kheer/Ferni:

Sweet dishes are favorites of many people. Without sweet dishes the menus seem incomplete. One of the traditional sweet dishes is kheer or ferni. The history of this dish dates back to mughal era. This dish is simple to make yet takes plenty of time to cook. The trick of making this dish is to devote ample time in cooking this sweet dish. If you cook milk and other ingredients on a slow flame it will surely give a delicious taste. For topping pistachiaos, almond and silver paper are used and served chilled.

So with all these delicious and yummy traditional dishes cooked in India and Pakistan, they make Asian cuisine an all time favorite choice for all. Spices and aroma of most of these dishes are unique and in taste you cannot find anything better than that. So for all traditional food lovers these dishes are the best choices to cook and have with your family.

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