8 Kitchen Secrets Every Lady Should Know

Kitchen is the most essential corner of every home and holds an important place in everyday chores. Apart from cooking kitchen is also the hot favorite gossip corner for ladies and they spent hours while cooking, eating and enjoying gossips with friends and family. So, kitchen needs special attention in terms of decoration and renovation. Every woman needs special skills to make it a comfortable and ideal place. Here are some of the important tips that help the ladies to end up with the mess that sneaks onto countertops and into drawers and gives a polish look to your cooking space.

Kitchen Secret # 1.      Specify the drawers:

The best way to avoid clutters is must place the small tools in the closets or drawers. But, arrange them in the drawers where they are in easy access.  All the preparation items including measuring spoons, lemon press, bottle opener and other similar things into a separate drawer. Similarly, store all cooking items like tongs, spatulas, basting brush etc. into the stove drawer. The bamboo dividers helps in keeping things organized in kitchen.

Kitchen Secret # 2.      Streamline spices:

Spices are the vital part of every kitchen and spice up your meal every day. To save spices from overlapping the counter purchase spices jars or bottles from any shop. The jars hit the markets with a lid and have magnet that helps it to attach to kitchen shelves easily.

Kitchen Secret # 3.      Aim High:

It is highly suggested to concentrate on easy to install kitchen shelves. These are the quickest and economical fix for spaces that are short in terms of storage.  It gives a more practical yet stylish decorative touch to your kitchen. If it is hung high it gives cleaner and trendy overall look.

Kitchen Secret # 4. Don’t ignore clarity

To get a more trendy and sophisticated kitchen must go for clear kitchen items especially the one that don’t monopolize the visual space.

Kitchen Secret # 5.      Coordinate the kitchen décor

Colors play an important role in beautifying your kitchen. You have to look after the color combination. Let’s for instance you have white chairs and table in your kitchen then, go for some blue touch like a blue vase, painting, fruit bowl or the lamp to coordinate the overall decor. An ingenious coordinated touch will add a finishing feel to your kitchen.

Kitchen Secret # 6.      Store varying size kitchen clothing:

Kitchen experts largely suggest storing candles, linens and other entertainment accessories of varying sizes in your drawers. It is a pretty good idea to avoid the mess in time of need and utilize the small spaces in best possible way.

Kitchen Secret # 7.      Renovate your cabinets:

You have to consider the installation of user friendly cabinets within your kitchen. It helps in eliminating rummaging around. You can learn about more practical and stylish cabinets in magazines and on internet.

Kitchen Secret # 8.      Brighten up your kitchen:

The most important thing is you have to arrange flower for every day and not just for special occasions. Even the most humble grocery outlet bouquet brings life and color to your space and adds a fresh air to your kitchen.

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