All Time Favorite: Black Forest Cake

Who does not like to have a cake for a birthday or any other special occasions? A black forest cake is definitely an all time favorite of all. Hardly there will be anyone who does not like this cake. Those who think making it at home is a difficult task will change their minds after learning this simple recipe. Try it for the next special day in your life and enjoy it.

Eggs: 4
Castor sugar:  4 ounce
Flour:  3 ounce

Coco powder:  1 ounce
Baking powder:  1 tsp
Vanilla essence:  1 tsp
For Icing
Fresh cream:  12 ounces
Icing sugar:  2 ounces
Canned cherries:  as required
Tinned peaches:  1 cup
Chocolate syrup:  for decoration
Grated Chocolate:  for decoration

Beat eggs with castor sugar till they become light and fluffy. Now add essence. Sift together flour, coco powder and baking powder. Very gently fold the sifted flour into beaten eggs. Grease two 8 inches sandwich pans with oil or butter. Line both of them with greased butter paper. Pour cake batter in the pans. Bake in a pre heated oven on 180 degrees for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes remove the pan and allow it to cool down at room temperature. After that, cut both the sponge in 2 halves. Brush it well with fruit syrup. Spread with whipped cream and top with cubed peaches and cherries and cover with second piece of sponge. Again brush with fruit syrup. You can also use sugar syrup. Continue till all three layers have been added in the same way. Now put the last layer of sponge on the top. Apply whipped cream on sides and top, drizzle with chocolate syrup on top and sides and decorate with cherries. Yummy, black forest is ready to be served.

You can make it easily at home. All you need to do is to collect some required ingredients and it all done. You can spice up your loved one’s birthday party will this delicious cake. He or she will love it for sure. It will make your loved ones feel more special about them and will acknowledge your effort and love for their special day. Apart from birthdays, it is also a good choice for anniversaries or any get together, tea parties etc. You family and friend will forget about the bakery cakes when they will have an expert baker in their own home in the form of you. Why not learn this delicious cake and let your family and friends enjoy it with you.

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