How to Make Appetizing Garlic Bread?

Baking is you passion and you wish to learn baking, then some of the most simple and easy recipes are of bread recipes. They do involve some technical points but still they are considered to be really simple and fundamental ones. Breads are of different types, they can be basic plain bread, whole grain bread. Rye bread, fruit bread etc. Some of these breads are really delicious and accompany well to different kinds of meals. One of the popular breads is garlic bread. It goes well with different eastern and western dishes. Some people like it as it is. Try this simple recipe you will love it for sure.


Flour: half kg

Garlic: 2 tbsp

Sugar: 1 tbsp

Yeast: 1 ½ tbsp

Milk: half cup

Egg: 1

Milk powder: 1 tbsp


First of all take a bowl and mix all the ingredients that is; flour half kg, garlic 2 tablespoons, sugar 1 tablespoons, yeast 1 and a half tablespoons, milk half cup, egg 1 and milk powder 1 tablespoon. Knead them all using luke warm water. Make sure the dough is not that hard or not even that soft that it does not allow you to make bread properly. Let it be to medium consistency. Leave this dough to rise for an hour at room temperature till it doubles. Make sure it is covered properly. It will help dough to rise properly. After an hour’s time you will notice the dough is in double size. Now shape the dough in bread form and put it in a baking pan. Grease the pan with oil or butter and allow it to bake in a preheated oven for almost 15 to 18 minutes. Let it cool down at room temperature for a while and then take it out of the pan. Cut it into slices and serve it with your favorite dish.

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