Make Yummy Eggless Cake Without Using An Oven

How many of you have heard of a cake without egg? Surely there are only a few people who know how to bake a cake without using an egg. In most of the cake recipes eggs are an important ingredient and many people think they cannot bake a cake without using egg. But for their information they can and can get the same results and taste as that of egg based cakes. There are number of people who are allergic to egg, who do not like eggs, who are advised not to eat an egg and many more reasons to avoid using eggs. So for them this recipe will be a blessing. It is simple and gives the same results as that of an egg based cake. Another reason why this recipe is so good to be tried is that you can bake it using a wok. No need to have an oven. For those who do not have an oven at home can try this recipe and can enjoy baking experience without even having an oven. Normally it is believed that one cannot bake a cake without having a gas or electric oven but it is possible to bake a cake perfectly without an oven. Try this recipe and enjoy this cake with tea or coffee or the way you like.

Butter: 180 gm (at room temperature)
Vanilla essence: Two  tsp

Flour: 250 grams or ¼ kg
Baking soda: One tsp
Caster sugar: Three tbsp

Milk: One and a half cup

Baking powder: Two tsp
Salt: A pinch

Condensed milk:  One tin

First of all sieve together the dry ingredients that is, 250 grams flour, one tsp baking soda, two tsp baking powder, a pinch of salt, twice or thrice.  In a separate bowl beat butter and caster sugar and also add vanilla essence and beat them all together for at least two to three minutes. After that add in 425 grams of condensed milk that is a full tin and beat it for two minutes more. After that add in one and a half cup of milk, mix them all well and add in all the dry ingredients you have already sieved and put aside, beat the mixture on low speed. Now pour the batter or mixture into a pan. Grease the pan well with some oil or butter and dust some flour all over the wall. Put to cook this cake in a preheated pan on medium flame for at least 25 to 30 minutes covered. Make sure the pan has thick walls and base. Add in some pebbles and let the pan and pebbles heat for around 30 minutes before you put the cake to baking. Put the cake pan over the pebbles and cover the pan. After 30 minutes check if the cake is ready or not using a tooth pick.  After confirmation slightly cool down and overturn it, sprinkle icing sugar lavishly and serve to your guests. For sure you and your guests will enjoy this yummy cake. Nobody will get it that you baked it without using an egg and oven. It will be as perfect as a bakery prepared cake.

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