Mouth Watering Chicken Bread Recipe

Chick bread is a famous dish. Not only with health point of view but also with taste factors it has no match. All the ingredients used in making this delicious, aromatic and savory bread are normally available in every kitchen. By following this simple recipe you can make this bread easily at home. No more bakery or commercially available breads. Home based dishes are more hygienic and one knows what h or she is adding in, where as for commercially baked food items you never know about the hygiene and cleanliness factor. Thus making this yummy bread will be an achievement for all those who are new baking. Try this recipe and enjoy.

Ingredients to Make Dough:
Egg: One + One
Flour: Four cups or sixteen ounces
Powder milk: Two tbsp

Yeast: One tbsp heaped
Oil: Four tbsp
Salt: One tsp
Castor sugar: One tsp
Ingredients for Chicken Filling:
Black pepper: One tsp
All spice powder: One tsp
Onion chopped: One medium
Flour: Two tbsp

Coriander leaves: Two tbsp
Milk: One cup

Chicken boil and shredded: One and a half cup

Sesame seeds: As per needed
Salt: One tsp
Green chilies: Four chopped
Butter: Two tbsp

Procedure for Dough Making:
Take a bowl and mix together four cups of flour, one tsp of salt, one tsp of castor sugar, two tbsp of milk powder, one tbsp yeast, four tbsp oil and one egg. Mix all the mentioned ingredients well. Knead them all to medium soft dough by adding water as per requirement.  Leave this dough to rise for at least one hour time. Make sure it is covered properly and placed at a warmer place. This will help the dough to rise properly.
Method for Making Filling:

Heat two tbsp of butter in a pan and allow it to melt down. After that fry one chopped onion till it becomes soft then add two tbsp of flour with one tsp salt, one tsp black pepper, one tsp all spice powder, one cup milk, mix them all well and cook till it becomes thick.  After that add in one and a half cup of shredded chicken and also add four chopped green chilies with two tbsp of chopped coriander leaves. Finally remove and cool down this filling at room temperature.  After that roll the dough to a rectangular shape, trim the edges using a scissor or knife. Put the filling in the centre and fold in each side one by one so that they overlap each other the filling will show to some extent. Brush top with one beaten egg and sprinkle sesame seeds over it. Bake it at 200 degree Celsius for 25 minutes in a preheated oven. Remove it after 25 minutes time. The top will turn golden brown. Serve hot and enjoy.

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