Chana Chaat Recipe With Yogurt

Chana chaat is one of the most favorite snack dish. It is prepared in a variety of methods and styles. Everyone has his or her unique style of preparing this dish. Usually different types of dips are added to this dish that give it a different flavor. People in different areas prepare this traditional recipe by adding different types of dips that changes the flavor and style of this dish. However, today we are sharing the most authentic recipe of chana chaat that is, prepared and enjoyed by majority in Pakistan, India and many other countries of the world as well.

Chana Chaat Ingredients:

Chickpeas (boiled): 250 grams

Potatoes (cubed and boiled): 1 cup

Green chilies (finely chopped): 4

Pappri (crushed): 1 cup

Lemon juice: 2 tablespoons

Sugar: 1 tablespoon

Onion (finely chopped): ½ cup

Red chili flakes: 1 teaspoon

Green coriander: 2 teaspoons

Tamarind sauce: ½ cup

Cumin (roasted and crushed): 1 tablespoon

Red chili powder: 1 teaspoon

Chaat masala: 1 teaspoon

Salt: 1 teaspoon

Tomato (finely sliced): 1

Yogurt: 1 cup

Caster sugar: 3 tabelspoons


Chana Chaat Preparation:

Take a deep bowl and add chickpeas, chopped potatoes, tomato cubes, green chilies and chopped onions. Toss them all well and add lemon juice. It is good to add fresh lemon juice. Now add red chilli powder and red chilli flakes, cumin, chaat masala and salt. Mix them all very well.  Now you can shift these ingredients to your serving bowl. After doing so, you can pour tamarind sauce over them. Then add yogurt over it. Make sure you mix yogurt well add some caster sugar to it as well. After that sprinkle corianders leaves, and finally add pappri. Crush them well and then add it to the top. Serve immediately.

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