Coffee, Tea or Herbal Drinks: The Cold Winter Days Call for Hot Drinks

When the winds start to blow colder and the snow begins falling, this is the sign to think about entertaining indoors. Numbers of drinks you can enjoy on seasonal events are certainly good for a cozy night in by the fire or heaters on. For vacation gatherings, it is no less than a treat to have a pot simmering on the stove, filling the environment with aromas of spices. Warm seasonal drinks are great for family get-togethers and parties.

A hot drink can take away those winter blues and make us feel toasty warm again. Many types of hot drinks that you can have during winter range from the black tea, herbal tea, coffee either milk coffee or black coffee to some of the sweeter drinks like hot chocolate. That sweet taste of hot chocolate can do wonders on a cold winter night. With the addition of cream and chocolate sprinkled, a hot chocolate can be both a hot drink and a creamy dessert. It can provide some warmth that is much needed during the cold days.

To go with your hot drink either coffee or tea or some other hot beverages you can also have a biscuit or two. Biscuits go well with hot drinks as they can be dipped in, this turns out a dry crunchy biscuit or cookie into a soft, wet taste sensation. Most biscuits can be dipped. Harder and larger biscuits might need to be in for up to 30 seconds before they soften up and are ready for enjoying. So the next time you are feeling cold on a winter’s night try a hot drink to warm yourself up.

Another good choice can be warm milk, sweetened with maple syrup, is one of the kid’s favorite warm drinks in the evening in front of a fire or a heater. It is exceptionally delicious and helps them ease into a good night’s sleep after a fun day at school or even at home. But many of the children’s favorite drink after playing outside on a cold day are just the yummy, hot chocolate.

In many of the Asian countries herbal teas are served after meals and people really enjoy them. If on one side they are good in taste then at the same time they help in digesting food and also for winters they are good to keep the body warm. These herbal teas are prepared by boiling different herb in water and with the addition of some other herbs and spices like cardamom; cinnamon or even mint leaves give very good taste when combined together. Finally served with the addition of few drops of lemon and sugar other sweeteners. Not only in Pakistan but also in some parts of India and other Asian countries there herbal teas are served and enjoyed in the cold days.

Thus no matter you are a coffee lover, a tea or a herbal tea fanatic with the addition of these warm drinks you can make your cold days and nights cozier and can feel much needed warmth to beat the nippy and chilly wind and relax in your home with your loved ones.

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