Delicious Bread Cheese Roll Recipe

Chicken franks finally chopped: 2
Bread Slices: 8 (Fresh)
Eggs: 2 (beaten)
Fresh bread Crumbs: 2 cups
Coriander leaves chopped: 2 tablespoons
Grated cheddar cheese: Half cup
Grated mozzarella cheese: Half cup
Chopped onion: Half cup
Green chilies (chopped): 3
Sweet Corn: Half cup
Water: Half cup

Salt: To taste

Pepper: To taste

Take chicken and cook it with sweet corn, chopped onion, green chilies, coriander leaves chopped and stir fry. Add seasonings that are salt, pepper to taste, and cook well. Once done keep it aside.

Take bread slices and remove corners of each bread slice.  Soak them in half-cup water and mash well, and take little bread mixture in our palm fill with filling and wrap well. Form into a crocket shape. Then roll it in and dip in beaten egg once. Then roll in crumbs and deep fry.

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