Delicious Vanilla Biscuit Recipe

Baking expert moms and girls try different baking recipes. Baking definitely is a great hobby and one can please their family members by trying varieties of baking dishes. In this short article we are going to share a biscuit recipe with you all. Baking experts and newbie’s both can try this mouth watering yet very simple to make recipe. So for those who are new into baking or those who love to try different baking recipes can make these simple and easy vanilla biscuits at home.  These are made with simple ingredients and did not ask for any superfluous effort. Serve them with tea or plain whatever you like. You can even pack these biscuits for your kid’s school lunch break or can have them for breakfast or just as a random snack. The recipe is stated as follows:


Flour: 8 ounces

Sugar: 4 ounces

Salt: A pinch

Egg: 1

Butter: 4 ounces

Vanilla Essence: A few drops


To start with you need to preheat the oven and then start the preparation procedure. Take a large and deep bowl and mix salt, sugar, butter and flour all together. Make sure they all mix well and there are no lumps at all. Now add the egg and mix it again. Mix these all ingredients properly and then kneed them all using some milk. Make use of milk as per your requirement. Finally add vanilla essence and then spread it over the kitchen counter using rolling pin. Then cut them into biscuits using biscuit cutters. You can choose any of your favorite cutting shapes may it be round, square, rectangular, heart shape, diamond shape or a flower shape. It is all up to your liking.  Now spread them over a baking sheet or tray already greased for 15 to 20 minutes at 350 degree Fahrenheit. In 15 minutes they will turn golden and will be really crispy and light. Serve them with tea or coffee or just have them as it is. They are delicious, light and easy to make. So enjoy!

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