Easy To Make Egg Sandwiches With Cucumber – Recipe

In summer, the very first thought of heavy and oily dishes gives one the feel of being full. This is why, one should not go for any dish or snack that is too spicy or oily. This will make them feel dull even after trying just a little part. Therefore, the best thing one can do is to opt for lighter dishes for dinner, lunch or even for teatime. Snacks come in a wide variety and for those looking for a refreshing and light snack recipe, this simple to make egg sandwich with cucumber is an ideal choice. We all know different varieties of chicken and mince sandwich recipes, but this recipe does not have them both yet it is very healthy and yummy recipe. It takes very little time to prepare and for sure, you will love to have these sandwiches in your teatime, in breakfasts etc. You can even serve your kids with these sandwiches to carry with them in their lunch boxes.

The recipe includes very simple ingredients that are found in every home. Thus, you can even try this recipe right away. The ingredients and method of the recipe is described as follows:

Egg Sandwiches With Cucumber Ingredients:

Bread slices: 8 to 10 (fresh)
Cucumber: 1 large (cut into tiny cubes)
Chopped coriander: 2 tablespoons
Green chili garlic sauce: 1 tablespoon
Butter: 2 tablespoons
Cream cheese: 2 tablespoons
Boiled eggs: 4 (roughly chopped)

Mayonnaise: 2 tablespoons
Salt: ½ teaspoon
Black pepper: ½ teaspoon
Egg Sandwiches With Cucumber Method:

Take a bowl and put in chopped cucumber, coriander chopped, green chilli garlic sauce, mayonnaise, cream cheese, butter, boiled eggs. You can chop them coarsely. Mix them all together. Now for seasoning add salt and black pepper. Mix all well too. Now cut the edges of the bread slices and spread the mixture on each slice one by one. Cover the slice with the other one and cut into your desired shape. You can try different cutters to attract kids. It is good to cut them in bit sizes. It makes easier for anyone to enjoy them.

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