Flavors of Arabic Cuisines

“Tafathalo” in Arabic language gives us the meaning of “give me honor”, it is a kind of invitation to the people on the table. It is an old tradition of the Arabic world to share meal and it also shows their great hospitability. Arabic cuisine is the combination of Mediterranean, Indian food and Middle Eastern. Arabic food is affected by both non-Arabs and Arabs. On Arab cooking Greek, French, Spanish and Italian also had an impact. Indian and Persian cuisine also had a great impact on some Eastern Arabic countries. Following items are usually used in Arabic cuisine are curry powder, Mild and hot sauces, spices, yogurt, fish, rice, mint, saffron, thyme, tea, turmeric, different foods, and large number of different vegetables e.g eggplants, cucumber, green pepper, zucchini, lettuce, tomato and green beans.

The important concept of Arabic Cuisine is their hospitability. They serve chickens, stewed vegetables and tomato sauce, large lamb, rice and large variety of dishes that are season with different spices and herbs. Salad is also included in their formal dishes. Tea is their favorite hot drink and coffee is also loved drink. Mostly Arabic dishes are quick and easy to cook but some dishes need large time for preparation like grape leaves stuffed, green pepper, stuffed zucchini and cabbage.

Arabic food usually contains the following items.


Bread is the most important part of Arabic meal and must be at the table, it is used in some dishes like “fatteh” and also as a side dish.


They used milk of cow, sheep and goat in many different methods.


In many of Arabic countries Lamb is liked, the most costly dish that is served in the Arabic cuisine is stuffed baby lamb with spicy rice. They use both camel and sheep meat in their dishes.


Dry and fresh fruits are largely liked in Arabs and are sometime served to their guests.  They usually served fruits after meal like mango, apples, dates, oranges, figs, and in dry fruits they like pistachios and almonds.

Spices are the important part of Arabic cuisines, Arab is known since years for its trade of spices with many other countries.

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