Lassi-Traditional Drink of Pakistan- Kachi/ Sweet Lassi

Cuisines of Pakistan are quite diverse as its people are. It is the blend of several dishes and dinks which depicting rich culture and tradition of Pakistan. Different beverages and drinks are used in Pakistan “Lassi” is the most famous and loved drink among them. It is Pakistani traditional dairy beverage and is basically originated from Punjab. This is the only drink that quenches your thirst on a hot sunny day. Lassi is served in tall steel glass.  It is most desired and wanted drink in Punjab, most specifically in villages, still in villages when guest comes they are served with special “chati ki lassi” . In villages lassi is treated as a special drink, in fairs and any other get together men enjoy lassi. Women prepared lassi in special ways by adding butter in lassi. It is women’s duty in Punjab they have to serve their men with lassi in the morning. Since centuries this practice has been followed all over Punjab.

Lassi has two flavors in Pakistan

Kachi or Salty Lassi

This lassi is made by mixing together a glass of water, little milk and a salt pinch. This kind of lassi is most famous in hot weather and people usually take it to reduce the warm effect of weather. It is usually drink after eating mangoes or meal. Some people made it by mixing milk, water, salt and yogurt to make its rich version.

Sweet or Meethi Lassi 

Sweet lassi is made by mixing milk; yogurt, sugar and water till smoothen. This kind of lassi is enjoyable in hot weather when it is chilled and is one of the best refreshing drinks. To increase its taste sometime it is served with a huge ball of butter in it or blended with khoya.

Lassi is used by more than a billion Asian people all over the world. It is best item of Pakistani traditional cuisines. This is plentiful as well as economical in Pakistan where people make large number of different dairy products. With spicy foods lassi is the best serving that minimize the spices effects. Lassi is totally natural and pure, no artificial color, flavors or preservatives are added in it. People use lassi between or with meals to enhance the taste of their meal. In modern time, lassi is prepared with different flavors by adding different fruits in it like strawberry, mango, banana, dates and many other fruits are added to enhance the taste of lassi.

Apart from it, lassi also has large number of health benefits. It is healthy and rich with natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins that provides you good health, improves your immune system so; you will be better able to fight against diseases. It has huge nutritional values as it is rich with calcium, fats, lactose, phosphorous and proteins. Regular intake of lassi minimizes the chance of your hair to be grayed before time. Sweet lassi is the new invention but it gains more popularity because its taste can be increased by mixing different fruit in it.

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