List of Must Have Kitchen Utensils- Food and Cooking

The biggest part of cooking is no doubt, food preparation. Food preparation is more difficult than cooking that is why proper kitchen utensils are imperative to perform the job perfectly. Doubtlessly, there are countless kitchen utensils in markets to opt from and it plays an important role in your cooking and also helps in reduction of the frustration level when you are in kitchen.  You have to prepare your kitchen with basic and essential cooking utensils to avoid frustration and make your cooking time more easy and exciting. After equipping your kitchen with basic utensils you can invest in other fancy accessories. Here is the list of common basic kitchen utensils that should be present in every woman’s kitchen.

Vegetable Peeler: peeling vegetables with a knife is one of the most intricate tasks and is time consuming as well. Peeling potatoes, carrots, apples and other vegetables and fruits is a routine task in every kitchen so; it can be made easy and less time consuming with quality vegetable peeler.

Can Opener: no doubt, can opener is the most used kitchen item. From chilies and soups to canned fruits and vegetable to cooking oil everything requires sharp can opener several time a day. You have to buy a can opener having very comfortable handle and easy to use cutting wheel. You can also get electrical can openers easily from markets if you are looking for more convenience.

Mixing spoons: almost every day you have to mix something and when you stir the batter or food with metal utensils in nonstick pans it scratch the coating off. Right kind of plastic or wooden mixing spoon assist to prolong the life of your pans and other utensils. Buy them in different handle lengths to mix different things easily.

Spatula: flipping food with fork is insufficient as well as dangerous. Metal of fork may damage utensils or cooking surfaces. So, buy a durable spatula to flip pancakes, fried rice and mix eggs.

Mixing bowls: you have to invest in variety of attractive mixing bowls to mix soup, batters, salad and other ingredients. These are available in an array of sizes, shapes and verities and some often features the non-slip feet. Better is to buy mixing bowls in 3 varying sizes to get right size for everything.

Cutting boards: it is the most important but, at the same time the most ignored kitchen accessory. It keeps the knives sharp and countertops scratch free. Buy at least 2 cutting boards one for vegetables and one for meat.  It not only keeps you comfortable but, also avoids germs spreading. You can buy thicker and bigger boards according to your needs.

Knife set: there is no need to waste ample amount on low quality cutlery sets. You just have to buy quality cutlery sets though; it demands a bit high investment but, its cutting abilities and lifespan worth’s it.

These are among few of several other must have kitchen utensils that makes your cooking more delicious and easy. Stay tuned to know about other essential utensils.

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