Mini Cheese Cake: A Delightful Addition to Your Tea Parties

There are plethoras of cakes one can make. It is all up to you what you like and what do you want to have. Out of many categories and types of cakes, cheese cakes are hot favorites of many cake and cheese lovers. They are creamy, yummy and crunchy as well. They can be a delightful addition to your tea time. You can have them for tea parties as well. You visitors will simply delve into the creamy layers and crunchy bites of the biscuits. Try this recipe, it is a bit lengthy but really easy to follow steps will help you make a yummy cheese cake. For tea parties mini cheese cakes are the best choice since being individual serving people will enjoy it a little more.


For Base:

Melted butter: Four ounces or Four table spoons
Digestive biscuits: Two cups (finely crushed)

For Filling:

Curd cheese: half cup

Cream cheese: One cup

Pineapple tidbits: One cup

Gelatin powder: One tbsp
Whipped cream: One and a half cup

Water: Quarter cup
Pineapple Jelly: One packet

Caster sugar: Three quarter cup
Pineapple essence: Half tsp
Procedure for Base:
Mix together two cups of crushed digestive biscuits with four tbsp of melted butter. Mix them both very well.  Spread this mixture in individual cheese cake pans. Allow them to chill for 30 minutes at least.
Procedure For filling:

Take a deep bowl and beat together one cup of cream cheese, half cup curd cheese with three quarter cup of caster sugar and half packet of jelly crystals. In a separate bowl or cup mix one tbsp of gelatin powder with quarter cup of water. Dissolve the gelatin crystals properly. After that, fold in the mixture in dissolved gelatin along with one and a half cup of whipped cream, half tsp pineapple essence and one cup of pineapple tidbits. Now spread the mixture on the biscuit base which is already chilled. Chill till it gets firm. Now take a pan and dissolve remaining half packet of jelly with half cup of water and cook it till the jelly is ready. Leave it for some time at room temperature and spread on top of top of the individual mini cheese cake pans and allow the jelly to settle down. Finally spread whipped cream using piping bag and top it with pineapple chunks and cherries. Finally mini cheese cake is ready to be served.

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