Mouth Watering Yakhni Pulao Recipe – Indian and Pakistani Food Recipes

Here is a delicious Mutton Yakhni Pulao Recipe. Pulao is a combination of mutton and rice which is famous in Kashmir. It is a very tasty recipe for traditional food lovers. This recipe is followed and enjoyed in many parts of Asia and Pakistan. Not only rice lovers but also meat lovers love this recipe. For those who want to try something new with rice dishes can choose for varied and diverse recipes, which are not only a pleasant change for you all but also are mouth watering and aromatic. Try this yummy pulao recipe and excite your taste buds a bit more.


Yukhni cut Mutton: 1 kg

Water: 16 cups

Green chilies: 6

Garlic cloves: 12 to 13

Basmati rice: 1/2 kg

Sliced onion: 1 large

White cumin: 1 tsp

Black cumin: 1/2 tsp

Small green cardamoms: 5

Big cardamoms: 3

Cinnamon sticks: 3 pieces

Star anise (baadyan ka phool): 1

Whole black pepper: 11

Cloves: 5

Yogurt whipped: 1 cup

Oil/ ghee: 3/4 cups

Salt: To taste

Cooking Directions:

Wash rice and soak them for about half an hour. Take a deep pan and cook mutton with garlic cloves, green chilies, one medium and whole onion, add some whole spices like cloves, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, black cardamom, cumin seeds and water and leave it for cooking for 3 to 4 hours till the stock remains 2 to 3 cups and the meat is tender. Now in a separate pan heat up oil or ghee and put sliced onion till golden brown. Add white cumin, black cumin, cinnamon sticks, star anise, small cardamoms, big cardamoms, cloves and black pepper whole half of the quantities mentioned in the ingredients since half of their quantity is already used in stock. After cooking those all for 2 minutes add meat without adding stock. Fry them all well and add yogurt to the meat and cook more for 4 to 5 minutes. Mix 4 cups of water in mutton stock to make it 71/5 cups in total and add to the meat mixture. Add soaked rice without water and cook for 15 more minutes on a high flame. Now as maximum water will dry so put   the rice on dam for 10 minutes on slow flame and cover the wok with lid. After 10 minutes, check the rice if done or not. Turn off the flame and serve this pulao hot with garnishing and raita and enjoy this traditional recipe with your loved ones.

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