Must Have Hyderabadi Sweet Dishes

Sweet dishes play an important role in every tradition and no doubt, every culture has developed strong meal planning. These sweet dishes apart from scrumptious taste have strong nutritional values and are a balanced food. Sweets and desserts are served after lunch or dinner represented in an appealing way. Flavor, balancing color and texture are the real essence of sweet dishes. Hyderabad is the hub of tempting food that is why Hyderabadi cuisines always stood apart in taste and are known all over the world because of its unique taste and unique ingredients.

Following are few famous mouthwatering Hyderabadi sweet dishes

Double ka Meetha

It is cooked with sugar, bread, pure ghee, dry fruits and milk and is very popular all across Hyderabad. Double ka Mettha is an Indian bread pudding and is the specialty of the Hyderabad. I am sure for sweet lovers it is the name that can make them crazy. It is highly rich dessert and is the integral part of every occasion.


Kheer is the traditional and cultural dish not only in India in fact, all across the world especially in the Asian countries. It is basically, a rice pudding made of milk, boiled rice and sugar. It is often accentuated with saffron, cardamoms, almonds, pistachios and other dry fruits that have been soaked overnight and are then, chopped to fine paste to decorate the Kheer. It is generally cooked on special and happy occasions like weddings, birthdays or the religious event.

Khubani ka Meetha

It is the famous most hyderabadi dessert composed of dried apricots. Apricots are soaked overnight in water and are cooked with sugar after the removal of seeds. It is mainly served with some dollop of fresh cream and is garnished with balanced apricot or silver wraq and almonds. Khubani is the Urdu name of the apricot. It is boiled with sugar and is made with thick sugar soup and is served with ice-cream and malai as well. It is the main dessert in Hyderabadi weddings.

Bread Halwa

It is the best dish that can cater the appetite and interestingly, it is easy to cook. Left over bread at home can be mold to make bread halwa. It is very easy and is tantalizing to taste buds. It includes a handsome amount of sugar and pure ghee (butter).  Cut the bread in small pieces and fried in generous amount of the ghee till it gets golden brown.  Then, cook it in sugar, milk, almond and cashewnuts paste till it softens then topped it with cashews and almonds.  It is rich in taste and is served either cold or warm. It leaves a very nice soft feels to the mouth.

Irani Chai

It is among few of the Hyderabadi delight and specialty. It is super popular and everyone visiting Hyderabad should savor it. This tea is available at various old and small cafes and is commonly served with seductive salty and sweet biscuits.

These are among the must have sweet dishes in every occasion not only in Hyderabad in fact, are popular worldwide.

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