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Nauratan Zarda  Ingredients:
Rice (boiled with yellow color): half kg
Khoya:  1 cup
Screw Pine Water:  1 tablespoon
Almonds & Pistachios:  Half cup
Orange Peel: 2 tablespoons
Ashrafi Red & Green: As required
Gulab Jamun:  125 grams
Chum Chum: 125 grams
Pineapple slices: Half cup
Clarified Butter or ghee:  Half cup
Sugar:  half kilogram
Green Cardamoms (crushed): 6

Nauratan Zarda Method:
Take a pan and heat ghee. Now add green cardamom with half kg sugar and half cup of water. Mix well. Cook till sugar dissolves completely. Add orange peel, boiled rice and mix. Cook on high flame till water dries completely, then lower flame, leave it on dam for 10 to15 minutes, remove from fire, Serve in a platter, garnish with almond, pistachios, asharfi , gulam jamun, chum chum and pineapple. Serve immediately and enjoy.

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