Scrumptious Chicken Qorma Recipe – Indian and Pakistani Food Recipes

Some of the stir fried dishes are all time favorite and significant part of our menu and most of the Pakistani and Asians enjoy such recipes with their family. Experimenting with some new dishes will always add to the excitement of your dining table. Mouth watering and savory dishes like qorma surely adds delight to your meals. Korma Recipes is one of the famous Asian traditional Dishes. Both in Pakistan and India and even in many parts of Asia and world over wide range of Korma recipes such as chicken qorma, beef qorma, white qorma, daighi qorma and much other delicious taste of qorma recipes are tried and cooked for years. In qorma, chicken or mutton is cooked with some nuts and yogurt. You can serve chicken korma masala with rice or naan. Try this yummy recipe of chicken qorma and enjoy the real taste of qorma.


Yogurt: ¼ kg or 250 grams

Chicken: ½ kg

Onion: ½ kg

Ginger garlic paste: 3 tbsp

Cardamoms: 4-5 small

Nutmeg: ½ tsp

Mace: ½ tsp

Salt:  As required

Oil: As required

Red chili powder: 2 tbsp

Almonds: 6 (boiled and peeled)

Method For Cooking:

First of all take a deep pan or wok and heat up oil  and fry half kg onion till try turn golden brown and take them out in a plate or tray so that all the excess oil is removed and onion become crispy. Now add chicken and ginger garlic paste in the oil and fry well till the chicken changes to white and ginger garlic pastes are cooked well. Now in a blender machine blend fried onion, yogurt and almonds to make a smooth paste. Now add this paste to chicken and mix them all well. Now add chili powder, cardamom   and salt and fry them all well. After that, cook them with mace and nutmeg on slow flame for 10 minutes till the oil comes on the top and chicken gets tender. Now turn off the flame and serve this qorma with naan or roti and salad of course.

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