Some Flavorsome Dry Fruit Desserts for Sweet Lovers

In Asia and particularly South Asia winters are not that long like other seasons. They just come and go with the blink of eye. But there are so many things you can do to make your winters a bit more cozy and warm.

Food of course is an important aspect in one’s life and in cold days the body requires some additional nutrition to feel warm. In many parts of the world, varieties of dishes are cooked especially in winters there are huge varieties in food. From hot and spicy dishes to yummy flavorsome desserts, there is a never ending list in types of foods.

Winters are incomplete and dry without dry fruits to munch on while snuggled cozily in blankets. Popular dry fruits include almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachio, raisins, pine nuts, hazelnuts and cashews, among many others. In addition to their scrumptious taste, dry fruits are also good for health. They are a good source of selenium which is beneficial for mental health. Dry fruits are also given as gifts and are popular at weddings where they are distributed along with sweets among the guests.

There are so many desserts which are traditionally cooked in Asia and are amazingly delicious. Majority of them include dry fruits which enhances their nutritional value and taste as well. Some of these desserts are Almond halwa, walnut halwa, Sesame seeds laddo, baisan (gram flour) halwa with nuts, date halwa, coconut pudding, carrot halwa and carrot with milk, sohan halwa etc and several kinds of sweet dishes include huge amount of nuts and commonly available dry fruits. These dry fruits make the dishes more healthy, nutritious and delicious. Large numbers of people try to include these deserts during the cold days and because they are hot favorite dishes of all times and also the nuts included in them make the much healthier and scrumptious.

Dry fruit recipes are delectable. Since dry fruits are the powerhouses of essential nutrients and are very good for your health. That is why they have been part of our daily life and traditional dishes since long. Since decades people are well aware of the nutritional value of commonly available dry fruits and Pakistan has been among the list of those blessed countries where these most expensive and wholesome dry fruits grow at a large scale and are widely used all over the country. These dry fruits are exported as well.

Dry fruit desserts have always been hot favorite and loved by majority of people all over the world and particularly Asian cuisine has special part for dry fruit dishes. People here love to have sweet dishes and those especially cooked including dry fruits and nuts have always been loved and enjoyed by all sweet lovers.

Nowadays there are varieties of western and modern dishes have been introduced. People love those dishes since they are very healthy and tasty. Dishes like pies, tarts, cakes, brownies, puddings etc have grown to become an essential part of sweet dishes range these days but still no one can deny the taste, health factor and nutritional value of our traditional dishes in practice since years. They are heavenly delicious and mouth watering and have extremely having high nutritious health value.

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