Spice Up Your Meal With Chuttney And Raita

Pakistani cuisine is not in need of any introduction and can be beautifully explained as the refined blend of different local and foreign dishes and got fame for its flavor and richness.  Pakistani cuisine is rich in spices and varies from area to area presenting country’s cultural diversity and ethnics. Pakistani cuisine offers a matchless variety in traditional and contemporary dishes. In Pakistan there is an enormously growing trend of sweet dishes and is often served after every meal. Raita and Chuttney are 2 of the side dishes that best complements Pakistani dishes and adds an extra taste to food. Here are an easy guide to learn how you can spice up your lunch and dinner with these simple side dishes.

Imli Ki Methi Chuttney (Sweet tamarind chutney)

Soft Tamarind                         150gm

Water                          300ml

Sugar                           300gm

Red chili powder         ½ Tsp (tea spoon)

Cumin seed (zeera)     2 tsp

Salt                              ¼ Tsp


  1. Place water and tamarind in food processor and blend it to make a fine puree.
  2. Now, take all the puree and add the remaining ingredients and cook at low flame till sugar is completely dissolved. Increase flame and stir continually and cook for about 12-15 mints until it gets thick.
  3. It is ready to serve. Store in an airtight jar and keep in refrigerator.
  4. Methi imli ki chutney can be served as a topping over fruit, chat, chaana chat and dehi bhare.

Allu Bukhary ki Chuttney

Dried plums                ¼ kg

Water                          2 cups

Sugar                           ½ cup or according to taste

Vinegar                       ½ cup

Salt, ground peppers and red chili powder to taste


  • Take water and dried plums into a cooking pan and add all the ingredients and boil at moderate flame until it gets soft.
  • Add sugar and cook at low flame until sugar melts and mixture changes into a thick puree.
  • Add vinegar and boil for a minute or so.
  • It is ready to serve with Nan along with different dishes.

Dahi ki Chuttney:

Coriander leaves         1 cup

Mint leaves                 ½ cup

Green chilies               3-4 pcs

Garlic cloves               1 crushed

Palin Yogurt                1-1 ½ cup

Salt to taste


Put all the ingredients excluding yogurt in blender or food processor and blend to fine mixture. Mix in yogurt and stir well. It is the simplest and routine chuttni used with everything in every home.

Pyaz (onion) ki Chuttney

Green onions                           4

Mint leaves (podina)               1 cup

Green chilies                           4 pcs

Garam Masala                                    ½ tsp

Sugar                                       1 tsp

Pomegranate seeds                2Tbsp (anardana)

Salt to taste


Grind all the ingredients to a fine paste in blender or processor. For a bit sour taste add few drops of lime juice and enjoy with your favorite dish.

Baingan ka Raita:

Eggplants                    1 kg

Yogurt                                     1 cup

Garlics                                     4 crushed

Green chilies               2-3 crushed

Chopped fresh mint    1 tsp

Flour                            1/12 cup

Salt and chat masala to taste

Oil for cooking


  1. Cut eggplant in oval shape about 1cm thick. Cover it with flour.
  2. Take oil in frying pan and heat now, fry eggplant until it gets brown.
  3. Add water to yogurt and stir properly with fork it turns creamy and smooth and add the ingredients in the yogurt.
  4. Now, arrange eggplant slices in serving dish and cover it with yogurt mixture, sprinkle chat masala and serve with variety of rice.

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