Tantalize Your Taste Buds With Special Feerni Recipe

Feerni Ingredients:

Milk: 1 liter

Rice: ¼ cup (grinded)

Sugar: 275 gram

Pistachio: 2 tsp (sliced)

Cardamom: 2 (powdered)

Kewra Essence: 1 teaspoon

Almonds: Blanched and sliced for decoration

Silver paper: For decoration


Feerni Method:

First of all, boil milk and add grinded rice in it. Cook it on a low flame and keep on stirring for some time. Make sure you do not leave it on flame because it will start burning right away. So do not leave it when it is on flame. While cooking for some time, then add cardamom powder and keep on cooking. Make sure the flame is very low so that it does not start burning. When you see that milk is getting thinker and left half in quantity then add sugar and stir the spoon continuously. After cooking for some time, you will notice that the color of milk has turned into golden color. Now remove from flame and add kewra essence. Then pour it in a serving dish and let it cool down. Finally add almonds and pistachio. You can even add silver paper to make it look more attractive.

Let it cool down at room temperature for some time and then refrigerate. Serve it cold. You and your family will simply love this yummy sweet dish. You can serve in parties and get together at home or at small family functions. This traditional dish will entice your taste buds so try it at home and enjoy.

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