Tea- An Amazing Drink

All of us take tea every day in fact; some of the people take 8-10 cups a day. My mother is among one of them. But, we are unaware of the fact that tea has incredible uses and these uses are beneficial till now. Just a single bag of tea that costs 5 cents only works marvelous than drugs pricing $10-1000. Following are few of the mind-blowing and beyond imagination benefits

Soothing sunburn:

If you have white complexion and you got sunburn because of any reason then, sooth your pain and worries by the implementation of tea bags to the effected spots. Believe me it works wonders.

Helps in retaining looks:

You can easily get rid of the puffy eyes, tiredness and monster looks by soaking 2 of the tea bags in the warm water and apply it on your closed eyelids. It will probably help in giving elegant and fresh look. No doubt, with tea bags on eyes you may look crazy to your kids and spouse but, it worth your efforts.

Remove warts:

If you have got gross wart form some nasty gym don’t get worried at all you can heal it by applying a cool tea bag over it for about 15 minutes every day and repeat it thrice a day.  Acidity will easily kill it.

Tenderize meat:

Meat is the favorite dish of majority of the people so, to make it more tempting marinate them in black tea for some time. Add 4 teaspoon of the black tea in warm water and pour the liquid over meat and then cook until it tenders.

Dry hair conditioner:

Making use of 1 liter unsweetened tea and rinse your hair after shampooing can give marvelous results making hair healthy and shiny.

Dye hair:

If you are conscious about your hair and want to avoid harsh chemicals on your scalp and hair then, use tea as the cheap yet healthy alternative to your hair dyes. You just have to take 3 tea bags with 1 tablespoon of rosemary and sage 1 tablespoon. Now, add a cup of boiling water and leave it overnight rinse next morning. Shampoo hair casually and then soak it in the liquid, don’t rinse again just dry it with towel. It will take few tries so, be calm and work patiently.

Repel mosquitoes:

If you want to get rid of the monstrous sucking mosquitoes just burn some tea leaves. The fumes of tea leaves will keep the mosquitoes away and gives no side effects.

Tea is not just a drink in other words it is a useful ingredient which can be used for plethora of purposes. Additionally, it is the most inexpensive remedial measure and promises outstanding results. It is cost effective, low in fats and calories and is perfect for health. It is an ideal treatment for minor ailments. What more can be expected from an inexpensive ordinary beverage? Majority of the people are unaware of these marvelous uses of tea and after reading it they will definitely start drinking it.

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