Tomato Seekh Kabab Recipe

Tomato Seekh Kabab Ingredients:

Beef mince: 1/2 kg

Ginger garlic paste: 1 tablespoon

Green chilli paste: 6

Crushed red chilli: 1 ½ teaspoons

Fried onion slices: 1/2 cup

Cumin: 1 ½ teaspoons (roasted and powdered)

Black pepper: 1 teaspoon

Salt: 1 teaspoon

Oil: 2 tablespoons

Tomatoes: 5 Sliced

Coriander leaves: 2 tablespoons

Green chilli: 2 chopped

Mint leaves: 8 to 10

For Bhagaar:

Ghee: ¼ cup

Crushed garlic: ¼ teaspoon

Cumin: ¼ teaspoon (roasted and powdered)

Tomato Seekh Kabab Method:

To start with the recipe, take all the ingredients of kababs that are half kilogram of beef mince,  table spoon ginger garlic paste, paste of 6 green chilies, 1 ½ teaspoons of crushed red pepper, half cup fried onion slices, 1 ½ roasted cumin powder, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 tablespoons of coriander leaves, 2 chopped green chilies and 8 to ten mint leaves and grind them all well in a grinding machine or food processer. Now take out the mixture and keep it for minimum 2 hours. This will allow the spices to develop taste in the mince. Now after 2 hours or even more, give smoke of coal for a minute or so and give shape of seekh kabab. You can steam kababs or can grill them. Once the kababs are ready, take a deep pan, add ¼ cup of ghee, and put ¼ teaspoon of crushed garlic and ¼ teaspoon of cumin powder. Cook for a minute or so, Now put 5 tomatoes sliced in the pan and cook for 10 minutes. Once the tomatoes dissolve add in cooked seekh kababs, cover the pan, and cook on low flame for 5 minutes or more. Your dish is ready. Serve with naan and yogurt dip and enjoy.

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