Top 10 Pakistani and Indian Recipes/ Dishes – Desi Cuisine

Food is one of the basic necessities of us and all other living beings. Each part of the world has its own cuisine and special food items which are famous world over and so many of the food items are known especially for their taste and area of origin.

Asian cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines and has been enjoyed globally by the people of many countries. In fact many of the Europeans and Americans love to have biryani or chicken karahi and many other delicious Pakistani and Indian dishes because they love the spicy taste and aroma.

Most favorite Pakistani and Indian dishes include biryani or pulao on the top. These two are hot favorite dishes of rice lovers. Those who like spicy rice like to have the yummy and spicy biryani with a lot of flavors and spices while who are not fond of spices enjoy pulao mostly.

Next comes Karahi or stir fried dishes. These are mostly main course dishes such as chicken or mutton or even beef karahi, chicken or mutton handi and many other dishes of stir fried meat added with so many unique spices giving you the yummiest and most desirable taste everyone likes and wants to have again and again.

For gravy lovers, a long list of scrumptious dishes is there for you to enjoy and most favorite of these dishes are haleem, qorma, nihari, trotters, kofta curry and the list goes on and on. Every dish has its own unique taste and flavor which a part’s it to the others. Each of these dishes are enjoyed and cooked in homes on regular basis and of course  are part of special menus at special occasions like wedding parties, dinners and lunches and on other special social and religious occasions.

For mince lovers many famous dishes are cooked with mince and chappal and seekh kabab tops them all. Peshawari chappal kabab are famous all over Pakistan and even in other Asian countries too. Similarly many of the bbq lovers enjoy seekh kababs and other forms like gola kabab, muthi kabab etc. For grilled dishes chicken and mutton tikka are the hot favorite dishes of all time. Boneless and with bones tikka are enjoyed by many people in Pakistan and India. The best part about grilled kababs and meat or mince dishes is that they incorporate less cholesterol since very little quantity of meat is being used in making these dishes. Also the smoke of coal adds unique taste to these dishes with is integral part of wedding menus and other parties as well.

Without sweet dishes, menus are thought to be incomplete. Many traditional sweet dishes are specified for special and particular occasions like sheer khorma is meant for eid celebrations. Zarda and mutannjan are specially served or weddings and some religious occasions. Similarly kheer, ferni etc are also one of the most famous and favorite sweet dishes. Most of the sweet dishes are served chilled and enjoyed by people of all age groups.

With all these hot favorite Pakistani and Indian recopies you can add traditional touch to your menus. Globally these dishes are served and enjoyed by millions all around the globe.

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