Yummy Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Many people love soups as they are healthy and delicious. No matter how many soups you have tried and enjoyed one of the most common and widely prepared soup is chicken corn soup. The yummy combination and nutritious ingredients make this soup one of the delicious one of all. You can come up with a variation if you like and can enhance the taste a little more. Some people like to add vegetables   and beans in the same recipe but the real and basic recipe itself is so delicious and good for health that you don’t actually need to add anything at all. In winters, when you crave between the meals, you can have a bowl of chicken corn soup. It will not only fill up your stomach for a while till you can have your meal but also will keep you warm and sturdy during the cold days. Today we are sharing this yummy recipe with you. Although most of the people already know the recipe but still there are some new cooks who wish to learn cooking and can start with such easy recipes. Following are the ingredient and cooking details.

Recipe Ingredients

Chicken breast: 1 cut into tiny cubes

Chicken stock: 8 cups

Cream of corn: 1 tin

Salt:  ¾ tsp

White pepper:  ½ tsp

Egg: 1 beaten

Corn flour: ½ cup heaped

Recipe Method

Heat stock in a wok and add chicken cubes with salt, pepper and cook till it starts boiling. After that add cream corn and cook well. Lastly mix corn flour with little water to form into a paste and add to the soup stirring well till soup gets thick.  Finally add beaten eggs and cook for 2 minutes and remove. You can serve with soya sauce, chilli sauce, red chilli flakes, pepper and salt. For more spicy touch you can add vinegar and green chilies if you like.

This healthy and yummy recipe for chicken corn Soup can be prepared in 30 minutes and serves 2-4 people. Try it today and make your winters a bit hotter with a bowl of soup full of healthy ingredients and spices.

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