Are You Sleeping Well?

Baggy eyes, haggard look, clogged mind….is that what you carry to your office each day? Sleeplessness not only mars your appearance, it also affects your productivity, moods, relationships, and almost each aspect of your life. So, if catching up with 6-8 hours of quality sleep has started to seem like a task for you, trying the given methods may help you drift off to the world of slumber before you get onto counting sheeps:
1. Maintain A Regular Sleeping And Waking Hour – Sleeping and waking up at the same time sets a schedule for your body. Even if for some reason, you have been unable to go to bed at the same hour, don’t change your waking time. Catch up on lost sleep by napping in the afternoon.
2. Get Some Direct Sun – Reset your body’s internal clock by getting some sunlight for at least 15 minutes everyday. It can be through your window when you wake up or when you are going to work.
3. Take A Power Nap – This is something that all experts and doctors swear by. Taking a power nap for just 20 minutes in the afternoon makes you feel refreshed. If you are afraid that the power nap will change to a long afternoon sleep, then drink a cup of cold coffee before you sleep. The caffeine will kick-in in exactly 20 minutes and wake you up. Make sure that the nap is before 2 p.m.
4. Tidy Your Bedroom – People sleep better when their bedroom is tidy and their bed has been made properly. Change the bed sheet regularly and get a good pillow.
5. Shut Down An Hour Before Bedtime – The hour before bedtime should be for relaxing. Meditate or simple relax but don’t do anything like playing games or working.
6. Read Or Listen – Remember the time when your parents read to you at bedtime and how your eyes would refuse to remain open? Bedtime reading is something that has a sedative effect on adults too. You can either read or listen to audio books.
These are few of the tips that have worked for many people. When you sleep well, your body heals itself, produces more hgh for anti-aging, and keeps your skin youthful too. You get over disappointments and exhaustion. Therefore, get regular shut-eye. You need it!


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