Breast Enhancement and Enlargement

The extensive media projection of perfect physical bodies among males and females has led to a fad that is less health oriented and more beauty conscious. Men and women watch various movies and programs, and are exposed to millions of beautiful looking physiques. This increases their desire to achieve the perfect body, and hence many of the current aesthetic providing companies focus on just that.

This particular media idealization has been particularly hard on women. Women who are pressurized by the society to look beautiful now have an additional stress when exposed to countless women with beautiful skin, hair, bodies. This fanaticism has become so large that now even breasts are judged as assets and how their perfect presence marks the beauty of a woman.

Regardless of the banality of the issue, breast augmentation has been a favorite endeavor about overly obsessed women for perfect body image. In many cases, it is the other people’s comments that drive women to taking such painful measures. There have been many speculated methods introduced that are supposed to increase the breast size. But so far, breast surgeries have been able to produce the most convincing results.

There are now countless creams, pills, exercise regimes, diet regimes and surgeries available for women to improve their cup size. Although breast augmentation has become synonymous with good looks and aesthetics, it has been used for many reconstruction surgeries after cancer breast tissue removal, and during sex change.

The surgeries mainly include the addition of an implant underneath the natural breast tissue so as to give it a lift. Two types of implants are currently used, saline filled and silicon filled respectively. both are considered to be safe for use, and there are multiple surgical techniques developed for their placement. Due to their fluid like and soft consistancy, the implant feels like a part of the breast tissue, and cannot be distinguished from the original breast tissue. Also since it is applied on beneath the breast tissue, the damage to the breast itself is minimal.

There are however, many factors that many cosmetic centers fail to mention to their clients. Breast surgery firstly, is a change in the contour and shape of the body. And like all other parts of the body, it requires adjustment. People usually have a very hard time adjusting to their changing bodies, even if it is a receding hair line. Breast augmentation may mean much changes socially as well, which may make it difficult to adjust to.

Secondly, breast augmentation does not take place in the outpatient. Instead it is a serious form of surgery with its set of potential complications. Like all surgeries, the person should be evaluated thoroughly for the health status and if she is able to carry on with the surgery.

The  complications that can develop are not to be taken lightly, for the chances of injury to the neighboring organs, for example, arteries and nerves are ever present. For many cases, the simple act of vanity has led to a life threatening situation.

Therefore, breast augmentation surgeries should not be singly considered in the context of an aesthetic treatment, but as a serious surgical operation, with its set of potential complications and morbidities.

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