Dieting, a well known word for the women is the organized way of eating to establish certain body figure and weight. In a specified term dieting is not only used to reduce weight but weight gaining plans are also an aspect of dieting. Bu t usually dieting is used in general for only reducing weight and achieving any particular figure. Many metabolic diseases like diabetes patient have to follow restricted diet plans.
In dieting the main goal is to reduce the amount of fat, water and muscle mass. To measure how much a person has to diet and which sort of food restriction is required one has to consult a doctor. There are many side effects associated with dieting like malnutrition, depression, fatigue, fainting and spurt weight gaining. A doctor can handle these problems well and help the patient to achieve the required goal.
To start with the dieting one has to measure the BMR of the patient. It is the basal metabolic rate of a person, the energy at the resting state of the body. People with high metabolic rate give speedier and good results after dieting. However exercise will help to increase the basal metabolic rate of the body.
Different sort diet plans are introduced in the market, but every dieting schedule is not necessarily good for every person. Many factors including age, reproductive life, and any metabolic disease should be considered by the doctors.
Low carbohydrate diet, to reduce the body fat is best recommended diet plan. This type of diet is for people have more fat contents in the body and less muscular. But sever constipation is the main hazard of this type of restricted food. And this in turns gives poor results. Diuretics are also used for rapid weight loss, by reducing water contents in the body. This will not helpful as much in reducing the body fat and associated with muscles cramps.
When a person needs to reduce the muscles of the body, high protein diet can be prescribed in such cases. But this will be associated with high uric acid levels in the body if used for long.  So this cannot be used for long.
If person obesity is compromising the health, different medications can be used to reduce the body fat and also decreasing the appetite of the patients. These medicines have there own side effects. The one major side effect is the addiction to these medicines. So these are strictly prohibited for casual weight loss.
The main concern of the dieting should be restricted food, and reduced appetite. Food should be taken in planned schedule, is divided in three meals for a whole day. It is necessary otherwise blood glucose level falls below normal. This will leads to fainting, fatigue, or malnutrition. So careful understanding of the dieting and its hazards should be learned so to avoid the side effects and long term metabolic problems.

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