Do You Know When You Are Under Stress?

In the current time, when everything is becoming a lot more challenging and demanding, one needs to be more stress free, cool and calm. It can help to perform our duties efficiently. One of the first steps one should take note of is to know when they are stressed. People being so much stressed and under pressure, they simply forget they are stressed.  This is so because, stress wraps up itself in a self centered package that one simply forgets what he/she is doing and how his/her actions can affect the overall environment and the behavior of others. Despite of regretting what you did in a specific situation just being under stress, it is better to know about the basic signs and symptoms when you are stressed to avoid blunders, misbehavior and any severe mishap. If you keep this point somewhere in your subconscious that while being stressed your brain can simply jog your memory that you are under stress which is your biggest problem of all.

Now let’s move to some of the basic indications that can help you detect that you are under stress. Out of many obvious indications, consistent worrying is something really prominent and can help others understand if not you on your own can detect that something is bothering you. In such state one cannot avoid being tense and keep on thinking about the problem continuously and cannot stay relax. Tension and stress if not avoided or overlooked can lead to many health and physical problems.

Another indication can be headache. This is another common physical ailment one can go through while being tense. Sometimes the headache is that severe and reached the migraine area and the pain so much intense that one cannot even move. Sometimes we can even feel headache when we are relax. Nothing is bothering us and there is nothing wrong in anything at all. But our mind is so much accustomed to being tense that our brain can’t understand how to be actually. So it is advisable to try to avoid tension and stress to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Insomnia or inability to sleep is another common yet tough condition one faces while being tense. The soul reason is that the one under stress cannot come out that particular tension annoying him/her. Despite of the fact that you want to relax for a while if not long, your brain continues to think over that problem again and again franticly. This results in sleeplessness. Lack of sleep can lead to a number of health issues and can cause fatigue. If you are facing such problem you probably should consult a doctor right away to get rid of sleeplessness and also eradicating the cause leading to it.

Adding a little more to it, some of other health issues one can face as a result of stress is ulcers, memory loss, high blood pressure etc. These are not something we can neglect or overlook. It can lead to severe problems. Ulcers are something really painful and should be taken into account before things start getting intensified.  Similarly if you cannot remember things and you have started forgetting them on frequent basis you should take care of this and try to avoid things that are leading to relentless health problems.

Thus if you want to lead a healthy and happy life you need to detect the actual reasons of being stressed to avoid them eventually. When you know what is actually doing harm to your overall health and fitness you can then fight back easily.

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