Eat Healthy, Stay Fit

One must always make smart choices when it comes to food. The food we eat determines the total well being of the body. A healthy food option would imply something that is simple, can be digested easily and provide maximum nutrition to the body. It doesn’t always have to be uncooked veggies and salad. Your healthy meal could be tasty too.

Easy to cook and great to eat, the pasta is an all time favorite food. Think smart. Choose the whole wheat pasta over the others. The whole wheat variety ensures that it has maximum fiber which would aid digestion and helps you maintain weight. They also help to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. All you have to do is boil the pasta in salted water. Drain water from the cooked pasta. In a container, mix oil, vinegar, oregano, basil, salt and pepper. In a frying pan cook the carrot, broccoli, garlic, capsicum and sauté till soft. Now add the vinegar mixture and the cooked veggies in the cooked pasta and stir to distribute evenly.

Oats are an excellent source of energy. They are rich in fiber and help you keep the excess weight at bay. They are also an excellent source of antioxidants and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Oat upma could be your healthy food option. Firstly you need to roast the oats in a pan, minus oil. Then in a separate pan heat oil and add black gram, Bengal gram, mustard seeds, and dry red chilies. Fry the black gram and Bengal gram till brown. To that add ginger, onion and curry leaves. Sauté well and add salt and asafetida. Boil it after adding water and add the roasted oats kept aside earlier. Cook for few minutes and serve hot.

You must have heard doctor’s advice egg whites to people who want to keep the excess weight off. Egg whites are also advised to people who need to. Well, an egg white omelet is a healthy option to consider. It is supposedly the simplest dish one could think of. Egg whites are fat free and high on protein and they can be easily digested too. All you need to do is in a bowl mix the egg white along with salt, pepper, green chilies, diced onions. Now heat oil on a frying pan and pour the egg mixture. Cook for few minutes and your healthy, nutritious omelet is ready to be served.

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