Few Best Leg Exercieses for Women at Home

Like the full human body, human legs also need proper exercise to keep it strong and healthy. There is no excuse for anyone to not exercise, following are the few leg exercises which are designed that can be performed by anyone anywhere.

Calf bounce and raise

Stand straight by holding either with chair or door handle. On your toestips pull your body up, then, lower until you sit on your heel. When you sit on your heel bounce four times on your heel. Then, gradually pull back to standing position and repeat this process four times, by concentrating to use your legs and don’t put your all stress on the door’s handle.

Skip high

This is also one of the best exercises which one can do and one can perform it while walking or exercising so, you can skip instead of walk, with skipping your heartbeat will be increased and it is more strenuous exercise and workout for your legs. Bringing your knees higher better will your legs do the work. Skipping is ideal exercise for the legs.

Curling Legs

This exercise is best for the hamstrings which is a muscle located at the back of the thighs. Extend your legs at its fullest, place your legs on the coushioned pad and set your back to the right angle of the leg. Bend legs slowly, so, you will in the sitting position, pause this position then move the legs back to outstretching position. When you lift the weight exhale and when you lower the weight then inhale. Don’t forget it. This complete exercise will take only 4-6 seconds.

Raise one leg

By holding the handle raise your one leg high to the handle height and take it to the outside. While lifting your leg pause at three positions one at 6 inches and then on the down way. Repeat this exercise for both legs almost 4 times for each, throughout the exercise keep your eye on all pastures. While lifting your leg do not lean forward.

Leg extension

This exercise is best for front thighs. Stretch your leg straight by keeping your toe straight pointing ahead, stretch your leg until it straighten at your front, pause in this position then takes it back down. Do it slowly and when you are lifting legs exhale and repeat this as many times as you can.

Lifts leg

Extend one leg and bring it parallel to the knee of another leg. Loose the lifted foot and bounce this leg upward and downward. Smaller movement will give you better effects. Twenty such small lifts will be better. After that gradually squeeze your leg back to the real position and then exchange it with other leg. If you want to do this exercise for outer and inner thigh muscles repeat the same exercise but move your leg back and to one side instead of upward and downward.

These are just few leg exercises that everyone can do at any place at any time. These exercises are best for your legs which need proper care as they have to carry our whole body weight.

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