Fitness: Every Woman’s Dream

“Fitness” is something all the women in the world crave for. At first, not many women were concerned about their weight but now, everyone seems to be worried about losing that extra weight. Women in Asia, in particular, are getting conscious about their weight to an extreme level. Although the American women are considered to have a fit physique, yet this ratio is less than that in Asia. Asian women are trying their best to look fit and slim everyday. There is nothing that concerns them more than fitness. If we talk about women of Pakistan, they are just ahead of everyone in this matter. Losing weight by any mean is their first priority. Crash diets, exercises, yoga routines, medication and a lot more other routines are what these women adopt in regard of losing weight.

Exercising till your last breath

There are different types of exercising routines that require you to hop and jump in order to lose that extra weight on your body. Women in Pakistan are so obsessed with getting that perfect body that they won’t stop exercising unless they drop on the floor. The women think the more they work out, the faster they will lose weight. They don’t really care about their health. Exercising too much can be harmful as well. Your muscles get in such a habit of exercising that they can’t stay fit without it even for a day. That means you don’t get to live one day without exercising.

A major reason of women getting so obsessed with becoming fit is the media. The media intentionally or unintentionally shows the fact that thinner women always look better than the plus sized ones. And the size of “thin” is extremely weak and almost impossible to attain if you are a plus sized. But women in Pakistan go for drugs and all sorts of wrong stuff just to get that perfectly toned body that they’ve seen on television.

Our inspirations

There are super models in the world that are fit every time we see them. The women in Pakistan, rather all over Asia, are so inspired by them that they want to be in their shoes. There are some kinds of dresses that are only made for models as they are very thin and the regular women can’t wear them. The obsession of getting thin has been raised to such an extent that even older women want to wear those dresses. Even after their forties, they want to look young and fresh. And one of the greatest misconceptions is the fact that you look fresher if you’re fitter. But if you’re getting fir by using drugs or crash diets, how do you plan to look fresh?

Many super models of Asia are so thin and they look glamorous all the time. We are persuaded by them into getting fit by any mean. Some of the women who have crossed their thirties plan on getting the size zero figures. That’s completely insane! All the models look good on screen only; they aren’t as beautiful or fresh as they might look to you. Open your eyes and stop this everlasting obsession that the young women are getting into!

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