Foot Massage Technique and Reflexology

Foot reflexology is now a common practice among alternative medicine healers, spa practitioners and physiotherapists. Time constraints particularly in the daily lives of working and family women make it next to impossible to enjoy a nice foot massage. Therefore, some common tips and tricks are here to help you give yourself a light massage. You can also give the massage to your mum or a pregnant friend to help relieve stress and pressure.

Clean your hands and make sure your nails are clipped short. The feet are highly sensitive to touch and tickling can lead to opposite reaction of alertness. Therefore, make your hand moves soft, deep and firm.

It is important to read the foot before starting massage. Reading it means that you need to identify the sensitive and sore areas, and which areas are most pressured at the moment.

Start with the help of a light lotion and loosen up the ankle area by rubbing softly. Make sure you cover all areas of the ankle, and flex the ankle in a gentle manner, thereby releasing the tension. The ankle is the first place because it carries the most circulation pathways. Loosening and relaxing it will lead to increased circulation in the foot and thereby help reduce fatigue and tiredness in the ankle.

Next relax your spine by massaging the central area of the foot sole. You can visualize the area by locating the most central position, comparing it to the actual position of the spine in the body.

Once the ankle is relaxed you can then start twisting the foot in all directions under normal variations without over stretching the foot. This helps relieve excessive pressure and improves mood. When you reach the sole of the foot, start with the right foot if you are a woman and with left if the person is a man. Start with the little finger and slowly relieve the pressure around the area. Then move towards the thumb one finger after another.

Finally make sure that you do not injure your thumb when you are giving the massage. The pressure should come from the wrist and body, not from the thumb. Otherwise serious risk of injury can take place.

If you feel you cannot do the ordeal of giving yourself a foot massage, consider getting foot rollers. These hand held foot rollers help by alternatively giving pressure to the different areas of the foot, thereby helping relieve pressure from the foot.

These exercises do not only help reduce stress, but also help improve the function of the organ area where massage is given. There are now many charts available in the markets which show the exact division of body areas under different foot sole areas.

This small method can help relieve end of the day stress on the legs and feet, remove any tiredness due to long and tight heels, and puffiness due to prolonged standing.

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