Health and the Housewife

It is rather an ironic fact that while the housewife is the ultimate homemaker and responsible for the health, happiness, prosperity and well-being of every member of her home and family, and does such a good job of looking after other people, it usually leaves her with little or no time to take care of her own health and well-being. There is just so much to do, day after day, that it is easy to let your own health take a backseat.
It is understandable, after all you have a husband and children and maybe your in-laws and other family to look after. But stop and think about it for a moment: what if you were to fall ill or not be as strong as you are? Not only would the whole house crumble to pieces (no joke, it is the woman who holds it together!) but you’d also end up putting yourself through a lot of avoidable misery. So, in this article, we discuss how you can take better care of yourself, for your sake and the sake of the ones you love!
Firstly, set a routine. This should incorporate all the little and big tasks you have to take care of everyday. People think that just because you don’t have a 9 to 5 job, you’ve got it easier than the rest, but the truth is if you don’t have a fixed schedule, things can get out of hand very quickly and even though you seem to have the whole day to yourself, you’ll be left with no time! So, make a timetable of when you’re going to take care of the laundry and when you’re going to do the meals and when you want to do the grocery and when you want to spend time watching TV or meeting friends or talking on the phone. A fix schedule will bring order to your life and do away with a ton of confusion and stress! And it’ll leave you time to focus on yourself!
Don’t munch on food while you work. It’s a very easy trap to fall into: most housewives put on weight because they snack through the day while they work. just because food is easily available only means you’re going to have to work harder to control it. Plan your meals carefully and stick to them. Don’t munch while cooking either! And make sure your meals are conducive to your body’s demands! If you can’t cook separately for yourself and the rest of your family, plan balanced, all-round meals!

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