Hidden Health Benefits of Garlic; You Might Not be Aware of Them

Many of the kitchen ingredients are neglected and overlooked and majority of people are not much aware of hidden benefits of most of the daily use ingredients. But since these ingredients have been in use for years so people include them in their daily life and routine dishes. But if you look into the history in detail, old people used to add most of the natural ingredients in their cooking for many health benefits those ingredients incorporate. Using them in daily cooking not only adds to the taste of the dish but also helps you to avoid many of the skin, physical and mental diseases. So no matter you include those ingredients as a tradition, or any personal preference you surely can enjoy the great taste and health benefits of those ingredients.

Garlic is one of the most common kitchen ingredients, in Asia most of the spicy and salty dishes include garlic as a main ingredient and people surely enjoy the best taste of the dishes they make using garlic. The smell of the garlic is not a welcoming one because of the pungent nature but the benefits it includes can surely impact your health. The health benefits it includes are protection of liver, heart, immune system.

Garlic belongs to onion family and it has been in use for more than 6,000 years ago in Central Asia. It has long been used in the Mediterranean region. Egyptians put garlic on a pedestal, even using it as a form of currency. The herb also made its way into folklore, used as a tool to ward of vampires and protect against evil.

The main ingredient of garlic is sulfur and this is the reason why it has pungent smell. It also includes compounds like allicin and diallyl. These compounds help in lowering the blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack and help and benefits cardiovascular system on the whole. In addition to that sulfur content in the garlic also helps to fight against stress, in the opposite case this might lead to inflammation in the blood vessels. They are also effective in cleaning blood.

Allicin is the most powerful and effective component in the garlic. It comes out when you crush the garlic or finely chop it. It holds anti fungal properties. Other properties like anti bacterial and anti viral helps it promote health in a variety of ways. It helps you fight back cold or pest attacks too. On the other hand, diallyl also incorporates antifungal and anti bacterial properties. Moreover it is regarded beneficial for reducing cholesterol level and enhancing the immune system, making circulatory system better and detoxifying cells. With all such properties garlic is also thought to be effective in protecting liver and thus acting as a shield against cancer.

People who are deficient in sulfur can use garlic in their daily meals to avoid this deficiency naturally. The herb is surely more than meets the eye. Try adding more to your homemade dishes, making sure to vary its form crushed, chopped, roasted, or raw. Enjoy this natural herb and gain varieties of health benefits.

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