How to Stop Pain from Sensitive Teeth

If you suffer from having sensitive teeth you know how painful it can be to drink a cold beverage, eat hot soup, breathe in cold air, or sometimes even touch your teeth. About 50% of people suffer from sensitive teeth but there are ways to stop sensitive teeth pain and you do need to live with the pain. Learn how to treat sensitive teeth pain so that you no longer experience severe discomfort from your sensitive teeth.

Things You’ll Need:

  • soft toothbrush
  • numbing toothpaste
  1. Step 1

Practice Good Oral Hygiene to Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain
One of the best ways to stop pain from sensitive teeth is to practice very good oral hygiene. Try to brush your teeth for at least 5 minutes after every meal and floss at least twice per day. One cause of teeth pain is acid that is caused by plaque and tartar build up. By taking good care of your teeth you can help to prevent pain from sensitive teeth.

  1. Step 2

Use A Soft Tooth Brush to Stop Pain from Sensitive Teeth
If you suffer from pain from sensitive teeth it is extremely important to brush with a soft toothbrush and brush properly. Hard toothbrushes can cause more sensitive teeth pain and not brushing properly can cause more plaque build up which causes more pain. Apply very light pressure when brushing your teeth and brush at a 45 degree angle to prevent more sensitive teeth pain.

  1. Step 3

Use a Toothpaste Made for Sensitive Teeth
Toothpaste is extremely important for people suffering from pain associated with sensitive teeth. Look for a toothpaste that contains a numbing agent. Some good ones to try are Sensodyne and Proenamel. Both of these toothpastes help to numb the pain from sensitive teeth and also help to lessen the sensitive tooth pain over time. Some dentists even recommend putting this toothpaste on your sensitive teeth overnight to help eliminate pain.

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